If We Lived as a Herd

This morning on our daily walk Eli and I had a second encounter of a small herd of deer.  The larger female walking back from the lake with two yearlings and two small calves in tow.  On Sunday she crossed the road in front of us stopping midway in what seemed to be an evaluation of our threat to her family.  She bounced over the wire fence and looked back across the road as if to say, "Hold on."

I looked to the lake and saw the rest of her family waiting for her to call them to follow. Eli and I walked further up the road to give her some space.  We stopped a bit a way and turned around to watch the family walk across the road to join the adult one by one.  The yearlings bounced over the fence like the adult and then the little ones ducked under it and scampered quickly to her side. We honored that energy she shared with us and went on about our day.

This morning we were on our way back to the lake and this time we saw only the calves at first. They were waiting in the brush, hiding from us. Obviously out in the open but to their minds safely hidden. The adult was across the lot and waiting for them to join her.  Eli said to me how amazing it was that she brought them down every morning to learn how to avoid us, and how to find the lake.  This gave me pause.

If only we as humans lived in a herd.  If we stopped our kids, and taught them how to avoid danger. If we could stop and show them how to go out into the world and find the things they need. You see, the herd only takes what it needs. It comes to the lake everyday. It drinks from the lake and then goes back into the den. They don't take more than they need.  It reminded me of a discussion I had with one of my Aunts that I had a few years ago.  Eli and I were staying with them due to an evacuation from our house in North Carolina. I tore off a paper towel and then tore it in half. I gave Eli half and I kept half.  My aunt said to me, "We can afford a whole paper towel."  My response to her was, "Yes, so can I, but I don't need a whole paper towel."   To me, that's what's wrong with our world today. 

Even in one of the metaphysical groups that I'm in, a comment was posted that said, "If you can do magic, why aren't you a millionaire?"  Great question.  I think it is because I don't need to be an millionaire. Would I like it?  Sure. But it isn't what I need. My entire adult life has been staying just a head of loss. A few years ago, Eli and I were in dire straights.  I sat down and picked some lotto numbers. I matched 4 of the 5 for the win.  We didn't win the mega millions but we paid what we needed too and got out of our tight spot.

If the world would stop for a moment and really ask the question, what do I need?  What do I need to live.  What do I need to be happy? I think we would be so much better off.

I'd like to challenge you to take a moment and evaluate what you need. Just look around at what you have and take stock. Sometimes, happiness is actually blocked by the things you THINK are making you happy.

Have an amazing day!


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