Learn From the Past...

Over the past few months it has come to my attention that there is a blog out there that takes each post I write and creates a counter post. They take what I say and twist it around to basically claim that I'm a fake witch who doesn't follow traditions.

Let me clear this up for those following at home.  I do not follow a path of others. I do not follow deity nor do I claim to.  In my blog author profile as well as ever place where I have an "ABOUT ME" section I do not claim any tradition or path.  I think for myself and use the past as it should be used. As a record of those who lived before me. I do not base my day to day life on something written a down eons ago by people who believed the earth was flat.  I do not conduct my business based on mythology around women with snakes for hair or magical shoes with wings.

I also do not spend my days writing blog post after blog post professing some  magical knowledge of gifted to me from ancient tablets or believe that I am some all knowing all seeing mystic. You see, a lion does not need to tell you they are a lion. You can see they are a lion from their eyes.  You can see the lion's sleek body in action. You can see by the hunt that it is indeed a lion.  Anyone who needs to spend relentless hours telling you that they are an all magical being is either trying to convenience you or themselves.

In order to grow you must learn. We must learn from the past and take those things that have value.  We must toss away the rest. As humans, our past is filled with inequality and hatred. Wars and death. Famine and destruction all based on religion. While we have some good, the majority of this world's heartache is directly related to deity worship. This is because those who follow these paths for the most part have a "my way or the highway" mentality. They have no space in their brains for learning and growing. They grab their precious scrolls and condemn those around them for not following as they do.

This week when I saw the new post related to mine, I thought how simple. All those text they cling to and yet, here a strong willed open minded witch shakes them to their core. My ability to stand fast and strong in their direct attacks makes them so fearful they must still attack my work on things that have absolutely nothing to do with them.  How small they must be.  So this post my dear, is for you. This is directly for you.  You do not scare me. I know that my strength and passion for life scare you. My open willingness to embrace the magic that I control. The forces that I work with directly make you scared.

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The virtues I follow are a list of attributes that make me a better person. They are not intended to ridicule others. They aren't used as a crown or a cloak to strut around and say "Oh, look how much better I am than X."  When you strut around that way, that's pride.  That's arrogance. No matter how many ancient scrolls you wrap that shit in, it's still ugly.

You must learn new things to grow and evolve; learn from the past but live for the future.

I am lion, hear me roar.

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