The Modern Witchcraft Book of Natural Magic - A Review

Today I'm reviewing a book by Judy Ann Nock on Natural Magic.  Thanks to the fine folks at Adams Media for providing me this review copy. I have review a few books in their Modern Witchcraft series which you can find here and here.

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I am going to preface this review with the following statement.  I do not practice Wicca. I am not a priestess nor do I claim any religious affiliation.  I identify as an atheist witch and my review of any pagan/witchcraft books is presented from this point of view.

Again I have to call out the publisher for this book being not that great to look at. I know, I know, don't judge a book.....  But yea, these pages that are mismatched and don't line up correctly.  Majorly annoying to me. Makes it hard to hold and a little annoying to flip through the pages. I know it is just a way to give the book character but, yeah.  No.

This book addresses how nature can be involved in your magical practices. Each chapter covers a different aspect of magic and nature.  Air, Fire, and water are pulled together to show how working with the natural world is as common today as it was with our ancestors.  Chapter one talks about seed magic and how to create your magical outdoor space.

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As you progress through the book there are references to other belief systems as well as Wicca. The author references the Nine Noble Virtues in chapter two, which is part certain sects of Odinism and Ásatrú.  Each chapter offers not only information on natural magic but provides the reader with spells, ritual tool creation and a history around its usage. Chapter five even goes into creating your own incense, which I feel is a lost art today.

This book comes with quite a few reference tables and a complete index in the book.  Looking for herbs, stones or a list of correspondences you cannot go wrong with this book. There is nothing mind blowing new about this book but it is a solid reference that any witch would be happy to have in their library. 

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