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As I sit here this morning with my coffee, overly sweetened with vanilla, I hear the bugs singing as the sun slowly rises over the dunes of my new home. The wheel turns and moves us on around the sun. I think about where I am now and where I may be going in the future. 

Photo Credit - Renee Sosanna Olson

My paths lay before me, waiting for me to choose my direction.  Scrolling through the social media feeds, I see so many just trying to stay alive. Thoughts and prayers, energies sent around the globe holding together this tumultuous place in which we attempt to thrive. What are we doing with our energies? What have we become?

Have you noticed that when you hear something over and over your brain begins to block it out?  The frog in boiling water tale quickly comes to mind. We're sitting here with our feet to the proverbial flames and still we stand closer. We forget that we need to refill these energy reservoirs before heading out to our next "thoughts and prayers" event.

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Historically the witch required something that belonged to the target in order to cast a solid spell. Hair and nail clippings and sometimes even personal possessions were collected and used as anchors for magical spell work.  Today magic seems to be sent across the electronic divide with a simple "High Five" emoji and the word "sending".   Apparently "sending" is the new "abracadabra" or "so mote it be".  The world of e-Magic has begun.

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Now I'm the first to balk at someone who says you must have a red candle for this magic or a blue for that. I do not for a second believe the energies created from the candle are dependent on the color. Hell, currently you can barely find a candle that is colored completely to the center so is part of my magic blue and part white?  No, of course not.  My intend is there no matter the color of my candle. The color is merely a reminder of my intent. It helps me keep my focus on my "blue" magic vs. "green".

Sometimes we forget that while it is easy to send our eMagic out into the world, it is still grounded in our being. It is still part of us and requires us to take physical measures cut the cord from that connection. So be mindful of that magic you're sending out. If you are a person who is non-magical, I urge you to begin a relationship with a magical person who can connect you to the spirit world outside that of the Yard Sale Witch who is selling you magic for a buck fifty.

Photo Credit - Renee Sosanna Olson

Your witch is your adviser. They are your confidant. While sending energies on a status message can be beneficial it can hardly replace the one on one interactions available from working with a magical professional.  I'm also calling on you witches out there, your words are power. Your spells are important. Own them. Don't allow them to be stuffed in the discount bin at the yard sale. You provide a service to the community around you. Don't allow your power to be stuffed into a tiny box.

You can practice e-Magic as long as you remember you are THE MAGIC.


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