Eat Real to Heal by Nicolette Richer - A Review

As part of a new section to my blog, I have invited my husband, Elijah Olson to begin sharing some of his research and expertise on health and food related books and submissions.  This comes on the heels of his upcoming book.  I hope you enjoy this new venture into kitchen magic in healing with food.  I look forward to your comments as we move forward with our Meatless Monday series.

Book Cover

Today I am reviewing a book written by Nicolette Richer called Eat Real to Heal. Nicolette uses the Gerson Therapy or otherwise known as the Gerson Method as a basis for her book.

Nicolette does a fantastic job of breaking it down even further into easily digestible chunks of information for the layman. She adds her personal journey as well as personal accounts from clients that really allows the reader to engage and relate. She speaks specifically to chronic diseases, such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

Nicolette has not only researched but she has also experimented and proven these methods to work on herself and her family and this is relayed clearly throughout the book. She has provided clear steps for the reader and included meal planning and recipes. She is an accomplished businesswoman that promotes healthy eating and healthy living.

You can give this book an added home on your shelf, you will not be disappointed.

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Author: Nicolette Richer
Publisher: Mango Publishing

Guest Reviewer: Elijah Olson

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