Home Reserve - A Review

Today I'm reviewing a furniture system called Home Reserve. Basically it is modular furniture that you can connect together to create a complete living-room. From a playpen to a single armless chair this company offers renewable made to order furniture with the ability to replace the covers at will. They offer you the ability to test drive an armless chair for 30 days free.  We took advantage of that offer and below is the first unboxing of that chair.

So after we had the chair for about 15 days we decided that we did like it and we wanted to order some additional pieces for the RV.  Keep in mind we're looking to downsize but still have access to some storage and be comfortable.  The pet friendly fabrics are amazing. And frankly, I don't think I have ever found any that were made as well as the covers for this stuff.  It is so cool you can order replacement covers to change the entire look if you want.

Here's our second unboxing.

So over all, we love the furniture. We're still working on the inside of the rig to get it exactly the way we want it to look but I think this is a great start.  Plus, if we decide to park somewhere permanently we can always order more pieces to make a bigger pit group or something. If you would like to try this out, I highly recommend. 

I did have two smaller pillows that I ordered along with the second chair, but they were way smaller than I expected. I contacted the customer service department and they told me to just return them. I boxed them up and sent them back.  Within a few days I had a complete refund on my account for the pillows. 

I'm not getting paid for this. I bought all this furniture myself and was not compensated in anyway for this review.

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