Astrology for Happiness and Success - A Review

Today I'm reviewing Astrology for Happiness and Success by Mecca Woods.

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Generally I like to start out with a disclaimer. I am an atheist witch.  I look for the connection between magic and science without the need for a deity. I receive no compensation for these reviews and all my links are standard Amazon links and not affiliate links. I am a practicing photo reader and have spent the last 13 years honing my craft.  I offer personal readings by request and have a strong online history that boasts nearly 400,000 views.

As usual I'm going to start with a review of the physical book. This piece came to me from Simon & Schuster and is on the small side for books that I have reviewed.  It is soft cover and the cover is just a thick paper. I think that it could have been made a bit better and a harder cover would help to retain the integrity of the book body. This book has no index but the chapters are marked in blue so you can slightly bend the page edges to navigate to the chapters.

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The other offers us a small introductions before just diving right into the meat of the book.  The sections are divided by a blue boarder that allows you to flip somewhat seamlessly through the book contents. Each chapter has sections related to specific traits, aspects and correspondences to the astrological sign being featured.

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Each chapter starts with a basic overview of the sign that gives the authors interpretations of what each signs strengths are. These sections are written quite well. The section for my sign, Pisces, is called The Mermaid and the Magician. There is even reference to the ability to see and feel the pain of others.  My life story.

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The following sections talk about the approach each sign has to love as well as their color and scent correspondences. My colors were blue and lavender.  Spot on. Scents like jasmine, lilac, sweet pea and vanilla are central to my sign. The book goes on with the signs attributes when dealing with heartbreak and familial relationships. The following passage stood out for me:

The key to successful relationships with your family is in honoring your need for emotional support while also recognizing that, although you're deeply in touch with your feelings, you have to be able to speak up to family members and say exactly how you feel instead of trying to avoid conflict.

This is so me.  I sit back and let others run the show to my own detriment because they are family and my desire to preserve the peace. The section on the approach to wellness is short but dead on.  Here's a clip:

As a water sign, you are prone to losing your steam and getting emotionally burnt out.  Since the element of water is more responsive or reactive than active in astrology, you have to make sure you have ways to keep yourself motivated and focused so you don't grown stagnant. 

My entire life I have been attracted to the phrase "Green and Growing".  To me this last passage reinforces that mindset and I certainly won't be looking to change that anytime soon.

There are several more sections in each chapter that guide the reader through learning how to allow self care with topics such as - Fine yourself a Muse and Mind Your Energy. I was a bit skeptical when I first picked up this book but the author provides real context and direction instead of simple generic traits normally associated with astrology. One of my favorite books in quite a while. I highly recommend picking up a copy.

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