Hungryroot - Unboxing and Update

Happy Thursday!  This is an update on my work with Hungryroot.  Eli and I have been using the service for about two full months now.  We are continuing losing weight and it is really something. We have coined a new phrase that we use when we're asked, "What's for dinner?"   We say - REAL RATIONS!

Over the years we have both struggled with our weight as many of you are aware.  We have tested out several meal delivery services while trying to get ourselves out of the emotional and physical addiction to our food.  

When we added Hungryroot we also cut all added sugar out of our diet.  The results have been astounding.  And Hungryroot got us there.  Below is our progress over the years at fully understanding veganism and nutritarianism. Now we only eat foods that give us nutrients.  Any "junk" food, packaged foods or fast foods are off the table.

Photo Credit - Renee Sosanna Olson
Elijah's Weight Transformation

Photo Credit - Elijah Olson
Renee's Weight Transformation
The cost of the package I order is 69.00 per delivery. I can see for a larger family or someone on a fixed income, that this could be out of your price range.  I have included in this next video how to split up the food and place the orders in a specific way to make them last longer while still enjoying the benefits of fast, vegan delivery.  

Here is a list of my most recent order.  We discovered that we really liked the Lemongrass Tofu so we purchased that along with two Chickpea Medleys and one Roasted Corn Edamame to go with them.  We Then picked up some bags of organic shredded broccoli slaw and/or super-green mix from the supermarket to create out own dishes.  This allowed us to make this box meant for 5 meals for two week last us for 12 meals for two.  We essentially doubled the yield by adding $6 worth of veg from the supermarket.

Screen Capture - Hungryroot

I cannot tell you how much this box service has helped me.  I recommend starting out with their largest box and get a variety of dishes to try.  Then, on the follow week or two switch to the smaller size and then pick and choose what you like.  Use the meal planner they supply to learn about the foods.  I discovered Kholrabi for the first time with Hungryroot. Now I seek it out in the stores.  I found that Alberton's in Las Cruces and Whole Foods in El Paso both carry it.   This is something that you can toss into a salad to eat raw or lightly saute to use as the noodle component to a pasta dish.

If you think you'd like to try Hungryroot, I have a link below that you can use for a discount to the service. If you do try it, be sure to comment here and tell me how its working for you. I would love to see your before and after photos or just an update on how you're feeling after adding a bit more veg to your diet. - Hungryroot Link

Look for our upcoming book and website on learning to eat real!

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