The New Genesis - A Review

Today we have guest Blogger Elijah Olson reviewing The New Genesis: The Greatest Experiment On Earth.

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A well written, extremely deep scientific approach taken to deliver his message, the author takes you into evolution and what he considers the greatest experiment on earth. For all of recorded  mankind we have debated, searched, built and destroyed faiths in our search for the beginning of existence. Here is another take on how that may all of come about.

Wojciech K. Kulczyk PhD in physics, leads you down another path of understanding by using engineering science to support his theory on the beginnings of life.

This is a book that requires an open mind and a little bit of science knowledge to keep the reader engaged. There is a lot of conjecture and also repeated fact-based teachings that some may have been exposed to in early biology. If not, well the author lays out a very in-depth approach and by the end of the read I am sure you will feel you have a greater knowledge in the subject.

Very well written, formed and presented. I recommend for any person that is interested in human theory and the existence of life, presenting how scientific fact that we know today may disrupt what theories we have depended on as our answers for existence.

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