Celebrating Equality on July 4th

As today's festivities get underway remember the history of today. The founding fathers, slave owners, fought against an oppressive monarchy. They fought against a government that did not provide fair and equal treatment. Much like they were doing in their own colonies by treating human beings as chattel. They proposed a notion of freedom. Freedom and equality for all. Yet this, at the time and still to some extent today, was an entitlement for white wealthy land owners. Land, stolen from the indigenous peoples of this continent. They wanted fair and equal representation because they felt their government was not proving that. Much like I, and I know many others, feel today.

I sit here, seeing our President behave much like the monarchy this nation fought against. A tiny group of people against tyranny. Today we must not allow our nation to be ruled by the elite few. Our history is made by those coming from around the world. The oppressed, the tired, the hungry yearning to be free. Our beginning was in oppression. Our future is in freedom.

Max D. Stanley's painting “The Trail of Tears.”

Our country was built on the backs of black people. Our country was built on the labor of people of color. Our country prospered on the backs of the immigrant, the forced slavery of a proud people. This country is stolen from a people, the first people, pushed to the brink of extinction by white people.

Image SRC - History.com

Today we need to accept that this nation, our nation, is not perfect. We have blemishes. We made mistakes. As white people we need to use our privilege to raise up those who are disenfranchised. We need to not speak for, or speak over these people. We need to pass the mic.


So, what can we do? Today July 4, 2019 declare your independence from tyranny. Use your voice to embrace equality. Share content from black people. Believe black women. Raise awareness on the injustice in the workplace, the education system and the prison pipeline that railroad black people and people of color in this nation. Follow black bloggers. Read black authors. Learn black history. Learn LGBTQI history. Learn about people of color. Learn about immigration. Welcome the Muslim, the Jew as well as the Atheist to the table. Make room for those who without your support would be forgotten.


Most of all, close your mouth and listen. Don't explain black people. Don't speak for black people. Don't try to explain what Trans people should feel. Don't speak over the disenfranchised. Instead amplify their voices. Share their work. Give them the platform you have.


I share a lot of articles with out commentary. I do this because this is their story. This is their voice. This is our time to show our support for our black brothers and sisters, our families of color and our LGBTQI family.

We are not free as long as one of us are bound.

Today, pass the mic.

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