Observations On the Mass Shootings

Dehumanizing others is the one of the first steps to killing. This is something that is taught in all forms of war. The enemy is the enemy, they are not human. That makes it easier for them to be killed.

We have a society that activity works to dehumanize. Snowflakes, Illegals, Libtards, Trumpers, Right to Lifers, Bible Thumpers. These are all phrases that take away the human behind the label.

As long as we continue to create these labels and do not address the real underlying issue, we will continue to have mass shootings and they will get worse.

Passing laws to outlaw this type of weapon, or building a wall will do nothing until we look at what this is all about. These shooters saw their way of life being threatened. They saw equality for others, recognition of someone different from themselves as an attack on their station in life.

The real issue we have is the fact that all of the laws and those in power currently believe that white people are better than anyone else. Period. Full stop.

Until we accept that, we are doomed to repeat this. I have white privilege. Yes, I'm a lesbian. Yes, I have inequality in pay because of my gender, but I am not immediately seen as loud, angry or a threat simply because of my skin color. These are real beliefs that are in our society today and those in power hold those same ideals.

Until we as white women demand action from our government, hold other white people responsible for their comments, memes and jokes, we are just as responsible.

These thoughts are my own and do not reflect the opinion of my employer or any other group to which I hold an active membership. This is not up for debate or meant as a place to discuss the interpretation of the second amendment or what constitutes an assault rifle. This is intended to share my thoughts, my feelings and my frustration at watching my country tear itself apart over the crumbs that are falling off the table, while passing up the rights of ALL people - All races and creeds to come to a land and be free. We have an opportunity to make a difference. Run for office, Vote, most of all be kind to one another. The danger is real, and we are all going to suffer.
Photo Credit Renee Sosanna Olson
Photo Source - The Neuse River - Seven Springs NC

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