The Healing Power of Reiki - A Review

Today I'm reviewing The Healing Power of Reiki - How the Restorative Power of Reiki Can Help You Live a Balanced Life provided by Adams Media.

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Release Date - August 6

Generally I like to start out with a disclaimer. I am an contemporary witch.  I look for the connection between magic and science without the need to search for a creator. I receive no compensation for these reviews and all my links are standard Amazon links and not affiliate links. I am a practicing photo reader and have spent the last 16 years honing my craft.  I offer personal readings by request and have a strong online history that boasts over 412,000 views.

As with my other reviews, I'll start with a review of the physical book.  The cover of the book is pale and smooth to the touch. I would suspect this will come with a dust jacket when ready for sale. There is a four page index in the back, with terms such as body, chi and immune system as well as a glossary of terms. This book is resource heavy and even includes an FAQ and a list of books for further research on the subject.

This book is broken down into sections similar to other works from Adams Media. the first part gives us an overview of Reiki and the energy associated. I enjoyed the part that explained that Reiki is essentially a manifestation of love.  It is a way of clearing away toxic and stagnant energies as well as promoting balance in all aspects of life. It goes on to say that practitioners will begin to experience a build of energy in their bodies and provides suggestions for a healthy release of that energy.

Photo Credit  - Renee Olson
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Section two describes the attunement process, which can often be quite expensive. First and foremost, find a reliable teacher/master to provide your training. The book provides a list of questions for the teacher as well as yourself to get the most from your Reiki training.  It covers how to prepare your body for sessions as well as getting your space ready to become a healing space.  It gives details on the types of equipment you may need as well as rituals that can be used to prepare for presentment.

The fundamentals section (Section three) includes hand placement guides in both the traditional and non-traditional options.  It offers self treatment, treatment on others and absentia treatments and explains the concept of Reiki Shares. Also known as a Reiki circle or exchange, the book explains that this is an occasion that allows Reiki practitioners to gather together to socialize and participate in group healing treatments.

Photo Credit  - Renee Olson
Photo Source - Book

Section four brings the entire book together and provides insight on things like Reiki and Intuition, connecting with spirit guides, working with the past, present and future as well as creating a Reiki have in your home.  I found the section on giving a Reiki Body Massage especially helpful.  The oil recommendations are spot on and enjoyed the way it indicates that this would be a intimate massage vs. a massage that you would have with a client.

Photo Credit  - Renee Olson
Photo Source - Book

The final section looks at the five Reiki symbols, and includes descriptions of different types of therapy. The book lists many variations which I believe many practitioners would appreciate. This section includes a chapter called What Reiki is not. To me this is a wonderful addition. So many think that this is a religion, or that Reiki is a cure.  It isn't either. Reiki is a way of life and it isn't a substitute for medical care. 

Overall I believe this is a great introduction to intermediate book on Reiki.  Can you be attuned with this book? No. But I think it is a great way to learn more about Reiki to see if you really want to find a master and begin the process of not only healing yourself, but healing the world around you.

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