Modern Divination - Runes


Hecate's Blessing

Runes are based on an archaic German and Scandinavian alphabet, myth says that Odin discovered the meaning of  the runes as part of his nine day trial while hanging from Yggdrasil, the world tree.  The word rune is interpreted as to mean letter and secret.  He hung there forbidding any assistance until the pool from which Yggdrasil grew revealed the secrets of the runes to him. It is said, he gained the power to heal his wounds, to bind his enemies and protect his friends. He was able to gain lovers, banish malevolent magic and even wake the dead.
Elder Runes - Wiki Commons

The translation of Hamaval


I trow I hung on that windy Tree

nine whole days and nights,

stabbed with a spear, offered to Odin,

myself to mine own self given,

high on that Tree of which none hath heard

from what roots it rises to heaven.


None refreshed me ever with food or drink,

I peered right down in the deep;

crying aloud I lifted the Runes

then back I fell from thence.   ----- MORE

Today many wade out in the murky waters of  life, hoping to glean the knowledge that Odin sacrificed for. One such reader is Maggie Cunningham. Maggie agreed to share her process and her inspiration for her journey into the mystical world of divination through runes. Maggie works in Rune readings and seership.

I presented Maggie with the following questions:

Q: How did you get started?

A: I saw my first rune book in the 1990s, I've been hooked ever since.  I have read for friends since then and began reading professionally in 2010.

Q: Explain your process for getting started with a reading.

A: I create sacred space and invoke spirit for guidance.  This is often my client's Disir circle (circle of guardian spirits in the northern tradition) but other guides do come through depending on the client.  I discuss the intentions for the reading with my client and then clear the rune bag to prepare the runes for the reading.  This ensures there aren't any residual energies in the bag that could cloud the reading and also let's the runes know we're about to read.  I then connect with my client while holding the runes.  The 'shape' of the reading comes through at this point.  Sometimes its a free form casting (throwing the runes upon a cloth) at other times a particular spread may come into my mind.

Maggie Cunningham - Casting Runes
Casting Runes - Maggie Cunningham

Q: How does the information come to you?

A: I combine kinaesthetic, visual and auditory information.  The runes tingle under my fingers so I know which ones to pick and the order to read them in.  I often see pictures as we are reading as well as hearing advice from the rune's themselves and the person's guiding spirits. 

Q: What other information would you like to share with my readers?

A: I am a northern tradition trainer and run courses on reading with the runes as well as using them for magics, healing and mysticism.  I also combine rune readings with birth runes work (based in runic astrology).

Maggie Cunningham - Rune Spread

I want to take a moment to thank Maggie for participating in our this exploration of divination via runes.  Be sure to visit Maggie at her website or via reach out to her via email at

Modern Divination - Crystals and Crystal Grids

Crystal healing has been around for centuries. My interest in crystals started as a small child looking for that "sparkle" amongst the common stones. Just last year I finished my crystal healer certification in 2018 and found that it was indeed not only a passion due to the beauty with in each piece but also because of the amazing power that emanates from each delicate facet of these stunning creations.

I remember my first crystal ball and the power I felt from it. I remember wearing my crystals of assorted types and remembering how they changed the world around me.  Wearing my amethyst ring for example lead to a higher bar tab. It was like the alcohol couldn't find me. 

My clear quart giving me the power to feel centered and the ability to take on the world. My labradorite to clear energy and help me follow my dreams.

So what is a crystal grid and how does it work?  Crystal grids is an alignment of crystals set to a geometrical pattern for the purpose of manifestation. There is a center stone with is the focus of the energy and the surrounding stones that modify and broadcast the intention into the universe.  Amplification stones, generally quartz crystals are then used to "power up" the grid. Finally the grid is activated.  It is a pretty powerful process and if you have the opportunity to learn more I highly recommend checking it out. I have several posts in this blog related to crystals.  Here's a link for your convivence.

When I met Crystal online, I was drawn to her carefree and playful energy. We have known each other for quite a few years and I have worked with her on several occasions to create jewelry and clay creation from her earthen treasures. 

I have always loved her crystal grids and when I thought of this project I knew I wanted to get her amazing grids in front of you.  I was thrilled when she agreed to participate.

Photo Credit - Crystal

Here are her interview questions.

Q: How did you get started?

A: I started digging quartz in Arkansas about a decade ago .I was amazed at how it feels to be the first person to touch these amazing gifts from earth.  I was researching what all  I could do with the crystals once I had dug them. I eventually tried a few grids and when I made one for my boss to win a fishing tournament (that failed) I revisited my intent and purpose in making the grids. I also moved to an area known for more mineral variety and my collection grew immensely. It allowed me to learn even more about our connection with earth.. I believe the crystals /grid components find us. They are a gift and should be used for positive intentions. Since then I've had great luck with every grid I've built. 

Photo Credit - Crystal

Q: Explain your process for getting started with a reading.

A: Before gridding I like to set intentions, research needed materials, then ground and cleanse my work area energies.  I set my grid with intention then charge it. 

Q: How does the information come to you?

A:  The information has always somewhat come intuitively. I sit quietly with all the different specimens I use. When I first started I read every book, I researched all over the web and I asked other healers for direction. I also meditated with different minerals to understand their energy. I can then use that information when charging the grid with my intentions. 

Photo Credit - Crystal

I want to take a moment to thank Crystal for participating in our this exploration of divination via runes.  If you'd like to contact Crystal, please leave a comment on this blog and I'll see that she gets your message.

Modern Divination - The Tarot

 The Tarot has always fascinated me.  I have completed numerous reviews over the years on Tarot decks of shape and fashion for this blog. I have even participated in a Tarot card project where I was cast to represent several of the cards. My favorite by far was recreating The Star card. (image below)

Photo Credit  - Renee Sosanna Olson

The Female Mystic Project was an amazing experience. I really enjoyed researching the card I was to represent and trying to convey that messing in the photo.

So what is Tarot?  Tarot is a deck of cards separated in two main groups (Minor and Major Arcana) used for the purposes of divination or fortune telling. The earliest mentions of tarot dates back to the French 1400's.  With the rise of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn in the 1880', Tarot traveled across the English speaking countries where it eventually found it's way to the creation of the Rider-Waite Deck we are all so familiar with today. 

By Pamela Coleman Smith - a 1909 card scanned by Holly Voley ( for the public domain, and retrieved from (see note on that page regarding source of images)., PD-US,

The table below from Wikipedia shows the progress of the Major Arcana cards from their creation up to the Crowley and Rider-Waite decks.

The process for reading cards varies from reader to reader. Even the guidance on obtaining cards has its own set of mystery and superstition. Do you buy a deck or should it be gifted (or even stolen). Should anyone else touch  your cards? Should they live in a wooden box or velvet bag?  A quick Google Search will let you know that EVERYONE has an opinion on this. (LOL)

So what about the act of reading? Each reader has their own process for preparing for a reading as well as providing that reading for a client. There are as many variations are there are Tarot decks. One process isn't the be all end all process for using this tool. Amazon returned over 7000 results for a search on this single product.

To get some insight on what a reader's thoughts are, I contacted Alexis, The Bonesong Witch to share her process with us. She is a reader of Tarot and a hunter of  Irish Totems.

Here are her interview questions.

Q: How did you get started?

A: I found I had a penchant for it, when I picked up a deck and started practicing with the Tarot. There was an immediate bond, and I've had a relationship with Tarot for 25 years now. I see Tarot as both and entity and the spirits of the earth. I actually started off reading Totems for people. That came from an exploration of Native beliefs by way of a dream/vision I had while meditating. I met with Native leaders that were in the Virginia Beach area at the time, and was taught their way. I then dug into my own ancestral past, and found that totems are a part of nearly every indigenous culture in the world. I am careful not to present my was of totem-hunting as native to the Americas. Rather, I do work with the spirits of the land in which I was born, as well as those of my ancestry.

Q: Explain your process for getting started with a reading.

A: Usually, I will cleanse the space with dragon's blood resin or a blend that I order from Tree of Life Apothecary in North Carolina. I may or may not light a candle, depending on the situation, and I ground. I cannot emphasize how important grounding is when working with Tarot or with Totems.

Alexis - The Bonesong Witch

Q: How does the information come to you?

A: I just "know" something that I didn't. I know that's a strange explanation, but my accuracy does come from the fact that I allow Tarot to "tell" me things, and then I give that information directly. I have a geis to only tell the truth, and not skirt around what I see or know to be truth from it. So far, I've never had a person tell me that what I told them wasn't spot-on. When it comes to totem readings, I spend more time exploring each of the person's directions and allow the totems to speak for that direction.

Q: What other information would you like to share with my readers?

A: I'm happy to answer any questions they may have, or help new tarot readers or totem hunters, as well.

I want to take a moment to thank Alexis for participating in our this exploration of divination via Tarot.  You can reach out to her via her website or via email.

Divination for the Ages & a Giveaway

 Everyone has a gift of divination. A sixth sense that tells us when something is not quite right. Many believe that these gifts are something that happens randomly and by chance. To me, I think this is not quite true. I believe that we have the ability to not only see these gifts but also to enhance them. 

My research for this piece began with a simple list of methods of divination. Every possible thing you can think of can be a method of divination. I believe that we all posses the "powers" to "see" things. Our use of technology and (though it is quite radical) the food we eat impact our ability to connect to the spiritual world. 

Over the last few years I have spent countless hours working on my craft. As we are exposed to more television and media we lose contact with our natural abilities into the magical realm. Finding time to cut away from these distractions and focusing on your talents will lead to a stronger connection to the supernatural. Keeping your mind and body healthy and strong will only intensify this connection.

Practice makes perfect. This is completely true for magic as it is for the mundane. We take the time to water our plants, talk to them and watch the grow. We take out our brushes and paints, to create a wonderful creation time and time again. This is what we also need to do for our gifts of divination.

There are many ways to "read". Some of our more common types would be tarot card or oracle card readings. These are conducted by an intuitive who chooses a type of card and then lays them out in a specified layout to provide insight into questions asked by the client. The most common type is a past, present, future layout.  Locating a reliable reader, with a strong connection is key to having a successful psychic experience. If you're interested in tarotmancy, I highly recommend The Bone Songs Witch. You can find her Facebook page here.  She has an uncanny ability to get to the heart of the reading and provides a solid reading.

Photo 1 - Sacred Geometry of Relationships Oracles                    Photo 2 - The Antique Anatomy Tarot

Scrying is another common form of divination.  These are conducted as either water scrying - usually done with a bowl of water; fire scrying - usually done by gazing into a log fire but can be achieved using other sources of fire light such as a candle. Mirror scrying is another form. Traditionally an obsidian stone is used to gaze into in order to receive the message. Modern psychics use an assortment of mirrors including some amazing handmade creations available online. 

These mirrors can be simple or ornately designed. Some amazing creations are available on the market including these examples from Primitive Witchery's website.  You can also find more on their Facebook Page.

At a very young age I noticed that sometime I was able to "see" things about people that others could not. I would see shadows across the body indicating an illness or injury or a darkness behind their eyes showing deception. At times this was so frightening for me I would leave public spaces to hide their negativity. I found ways to "turn it off" if you will so that I could go about my daily chores without being completely exhausted at the end of the day. 

Today, I very rarely do in person readings. This type of reading is similar to Psychometry, but does not require me to physically touch the item. 

My photo reading are available to purchase on Facebook and are delivered either via email or messenger. My process is once an agreement is made, a photo is sent to me without any explanation. I will then mediate on the photo and provide any information that comes to me.  I have found everything from medical problems to marital problems. It all depends on what the image is willing to share.  There are even times when the photo has nothing to say to me.  If that happens I usually reach out to the client and ask for a new photo.

So what I'd like to do now is offer a giveaway for three readings.  Enter to win one of three readings in the Rafflecopter link below. I'll choose three people to win a free reading!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

(Blogger, Rafflecopter, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are in no way affiliated with this giveaway. Readings are for entertainment purposes only and should not replace qualified medical/professional advice - Void where prohibited by law.)

Here are some assorted videos on different types of divination.

Getting into a New Life

 Samhain marks a new year for me. I think of it as a time when we morph into a newer form of ourselves and journey forward into a new life. We give a nod to the energies that come ever so near as the veil thins and bid them pass on their wisdom of the unknown. This is the time that I embrace change. These last few years have been incredible for me.  I have stood in awe watching things that I thought would be forever crumble around me.

I began to actually see what the Buddha meant by dukka. Our suffering, my suffering is rooted in attachment to things that are not permanent. By definition, this attachment causes suffering. I have found that as I begin to notice that things are indeed impermanent; it becomes easier to keep my sense of peace. 

One of the most profound things I have ever read was in an interview with Thich Nhat Hahn.   

I have noticed that people are dealing too much with the negative, with what is wrong. They do not touch enough on what is not wrong—it’s the same as some psychotherapists. Why not try the other way, to look into the patient and to see positive things, to just touch those things and make them bloom? - Thich Nhat Hahn

While some may thing this is sticking our heads in the sand, he goes on to explain that we can see what is wrong in the world but only water the seeds of things that bring us joy.

We have to take a moment to breathe and listen to ourselves so that we can simply sip our tea or wash the dishes.  We can be in this moment to find joy.  I use the fourteen precepts to help me through our day. I'd like to share them with you in this post.

While you look over this new day with fear or happiness. Remember nothing is permanent. All things change. Where we are today is a different place than yesterday and tomorrow. We need to look into ourselves and find the seeds of happiness and water those seeds. We need to share those seeds with others around us until we have a garden of happiness around the world. 

In you, I see me.  We interare.

The Fourteen Precepts of Engaged Buddhism

  1. Do not be idolatrous about or bound to any doctrine, theory, or ideology, even Buddhist ones. Buddhist systems of thought are guiding means; they are not absolute truth.
  2. Do not think the knowledge you presently possess is changeless, absolute truth. Avoid being narrow-minded and bound to present views. Learn and practice nonattachment from views in order to be open to receive others’ viewpoints. Truth is found in life and not merely in conceptual knowledge. Be ready to learn throughout your entire life and to observe reality in yourself and in the world at all times.
  3. Do not force others, including children, by any means whatsoever, to adopt your views, whether by authority, threat, money, propaganda, or even education. However, through compassionate dialogue, help others renounce fanaticism and narrowness.
  4. Do not avoid contact with suffering or close your eyes before suffering. Do not lose awareness of the existence of suffering in the life of the world. Find ways to be with those who are suffering, including personal contact, visits, images, and sounds. By such means, awaken yourself and others to the reality of suffering in the world.
  5. Do not accumulate wealth while millions are hungry. Do not take as the aim of your life Fame, profit, wealth, or sensual pleasure. Live simply and share time, energy, and material resources with those who are in need.
  6. Do not maintain anger or hatred. Learn to penetrate and transform them when they are still seeds in your consciousness. As soon as they arise, turn your attention to your breath in order to see and understand the nature of your hatred.
  7. Do not lose yourself in dispersion and in your surroundings. Practice mindful breathing to come back to what is happening in the present moment. Be in touch with what is wondrous, refreshing, and healing both inside and around you. Plant seeds of joy, peace, and understanding in yourself in order to facilitate the work of transformation in the depths of your consciousness.
  8. Do not utter words that can create discord and cause the community to break. Make every effort to reconcile and resolve all conflicts, however small.
  9. Do not say untruthful things for the sake of personal interest or to impress people. Do not utter words that cause division and hatred. Do not spread news that you do not know to be certain. Do not criticize or condemn things of which you are not sure. Always speak truthfully and constructively. Have the courage to speak out about situations of injustice, even when doing so may threaten your own safety.
  10. Do not use the Buddhist community for personal gain or profit, or transform your community into a political party. A religious community, however, should take a clear stand against oppression and injustice and should strive to change the situation without engaging in partisan conflicts.
  11. Do not live with a vocation that is harmful to humans and nature. Do not invest in companies that deprive others of their chance to live. Select a vocation that helps realize your ideal of compassion.
  12. Do not kill. Do not let others kill. Find whatever means possible to protect life and prevent war.
  13. Possess nothing that should belong to others. Respect the property of others, but prevent others from profiting from human suffering or the suffering of other species on Earth.
  14. Do not mistreat your body. Learn to handle it with respect. Do not look on your body as only an instrument. Preserve vital energies (sexual, breath, spirit) for the realization of the Way. (For brothers and sisters who are not monks and nuns:) Sexual expression should not take place without love and commitment. In sexual relationships, be aware of future suffering that may be caused. To preserve the happiness of others, respect the rights and commitments of others. Be fully aware of the responsibility of bringing new lives into the world. Meditate on the world into which you are bringing new beings.

From “Interbeing: Fourteen Guidelines for Engaged Buddhism,” Revised edition: Oct. 1993 by Thich Nhat Hanh, published by Parallax Press, Berkeley, California.

Revisiting Old Habits

 Sometimes old habits are good.  We forget how much we enjoy things and slowly the grind of life puts those wonderful old things aside.  This is what happened to me and my photography. A few years ago I got a great camera. I learned about it and took photos of everything. I even got some pretty great photos of the moon.

I have a grouping of some of my photos on Fine Art America

Here are a few of my favorites.

I forgot how much I enjoyed it. I began using my skills to take photos of my jewelry and items for sale. It became a tool for me to get a job done instead of the actual job. I've decided to pick up my bag, dust it off and begin taking photos again. I look forward to sharing my new works with you.  I hope you're ready to join me.

If it doesn't bring you joy.....


Memories and Pain

 Facebook has a little tool that pops up items from your time spent. It shows you images of things you shared.  This morning I woke up to this memory.

This photo is of my lap on a plane trip back from Hexfest. It was remarkable because all I could remember of my last plane trip was devastating. I was traveling up North for my mundane job. I was put in a middle seat on that trip and I had to raise my hand and ask for a seat belt extension because I was too fat to fit in the normal one. After that trip, my desire to go on planes obviously dropped. So much so that I did not step foot on one for over 10 years.  When I see that seat belt not only being able to fit me but it being so large that it extends to my knees my eyes fill with tears. I cannot believe how far I have come.

That trip to New Orleans changed my life. I spent a wonderful weekend surrounded by so many magical people. My time with Sorita was priceless and I enjoyed it so much. A year ago today I was so touched to be in the room with this amazing energy. 

Memories take us back to what we were feeling in a certain space in our lives. Sometimes these are painful but useful memories.  My memory today reminded me that there are many in that airplane painfully waiting to ask for a seat belt extension. 

It only takes a moment to be pulled back into that space where you are heartbroken. Sadness and fear can pull you into depths that feel inescapable. For me, changing my diet helped my mood so much. Adding meditation and playing music throughout my day help me stay focused and allow these memories to come back in and NOT pull me down but instead, lift me up.

This is one of my favorite mantras:

Memories don't necessarily have to mean pain. In fact, until we learn that we have the power to be completely happy exactly where we are; everything will bring suffering. Suffering can end, and we can end it. Just by stopping and listening to the breath. 

Today my memories reminded me of the beautiful people in my life.  They reminded me of the sadness and pain I felt in the past. I said hello to that pain and embraced it. There are people out there right now, struggling with weight (or any other issue) that feel they are in the depths of despair. I was there.  You can make it out.  Take a moment. You are here. You are alive.  You can be.  Just as we cannot remove the sunshine from a flower, we cannot remove it from you.  You are the sun and the rain. You are the earth. I am the earth, we are one. 

Life is suffering. There is an end to that Suffering.  Take a journey down that path to relieve suffering.  

Stay present and enjoy your memories. They help show you that you have lived.

Live, Laugh, Love and Breathe

Its be just over a month since my last post. Things are going well here. We're keeping to ourselves, using grocery pick up and fresh veg delivery to keep us going while this pandemic is running full force through our little state. I've been spending my time learning new things for my full time job, as well as working on my energy.  I've found a great YouTube channel that I highly recommend for playing all the time. Here's a look what this month has been.

My photography is going well. I'm not using a camera but instead using my Note 10 to capture all of the shots (except the screengrabs) in this blog and what I share on FB and Instagram.  Here are a few of those.

Now an update on our weight struggles.  Last month as I posted I fell of the wagon and had cheese.  This month, I've avoided all of that and have stayed true to my food goals. My scale died so I had to order a new one that finally arrived yesterday. This new one is supposed to sync with my Samsung Active, so far it isn't working.  We'll see how it goes. My weight is staying between 133 and 139. It isn't where I want to be.  I'm about 11 pounds from my goal weight which would put me at a normal BMI. But I have to accept that I'm 51 and that just may not be possible. 

This way of eating has certainly changed our lives. My gray hair is gone, Elijah used to have really thin hair and that's changed now.


I've begun (finally) working on his hair in the style he wanted. I've tried braiding it in a french braid but I really like this twist effect. It stays up nicely and looks great on him.  

It is inspired by hair from the History Channel show, Vikings.

We had a brief struggle with fresh veggies so we joined Misfits Market. This has been pretty successful. Basically they send you organic veggies that are on their last legs to try to lessen food waste in the US. Our boxes originate out of New Jersey and are scheduled to arrive on Tuesdays. This was the first week our box actually arrived on Tuesday. Usually it's Wednesday or Thursday. Over the 4th of July week our box didn't arrive at all. But we get a small box and for the price and the contents it is completely worth it.  Here are a few of our boxes.


Our neighbor has also been dropping by with some fresh veg weekly and we picked up some fantastic local strawberries!  Its been a great addition to our meal prep.

This channel is amazing. It's called The Meditative Mind and offers an assortment of healing and cleansing chants, mantras and songs that will ease your body and mind into a constant meditative state. I have found that my intuition has increased, my blood pressure and stress has gone down and my ability to connect with the natural forces of the planet of increased 20 fold. If you have time, and I recommend you make time, stop and listen to some of these. Their library is endless.  They even have an 11 hour chant that I put on at bedtime to help me sleep.  It is so amazing.

I've been playing Wizard101 since it was created off and on.  Over the last six months Eli and I have gone back to spending our free time there.  Its really a great game, dubbed a kid's game but I see more adults playing than kids.  There's no random pvp and there is tons of content.  Here are a few screenshots from the game.

If you decide to play, let me know on Facebook.  Maybe we can team up and do some adventuring together.

Finally we've been making some really great recipes.  Eli is really working on his spice blends and these meals are turning out amazing. If you don't have the chops to make your own we highly recommend following Monkey and Me Kitchen Adventures on Facebook and checking out their website. They have really fantastic recipes. We try a new one from them usually once or twice a week and have not been disappointed.  Here are a few pics from our recreations of their amazing dishes.

Overall, it's been a pretty amazing month. I hope you're staying safe and taking the time you need to heal and reconnect with the energies of this amazing planet we live on.  Take a moment to smile at your fears, welcome them as part of you. Inhale and exhale. Just breathe.