Happy 2020

It has been an amazing year.  Last year this time I was in New Mexico living on some property that we were considering buying. We were nearly committed when we had some issues with our property in NC that led us back here.  We ended up coming back to NC where we have been for 2019.

Photo Credit - Elijah Trent Olson

We took this year to see if we really wanted to be back in NM or if NC was where we could make our home.  We had ups and downs and took the time to really appreciate what NC has to offer. We reconnected with family members and learned that sometimes you just can't mend fences and you have to be ok with letting some people go.

Photo Credit - Renee Sosanna Olson

Photo Credit - Renee Sosanna Olson

We spent a year dedicated to learning about foods from Asia. We learned to use chopsticks and how to make sushi.  We learned as much as we could about different spices from that area of the world and traveled across the continent vicariously via our food adventures.  This next year we're going to explore Latin cuisine and we're learning Spanish!

We'll continue to share our recipes on Real Rations and as you can tell I renamed this blog and will continue to share my witchy book reviews, recipes and exploration in to all things wellness on To Live Whole.

In October I went to HexFest and had a wonderful time with Sorita d'Este. I explored some new foods and ended up adding mushrooms, peppers and onions to our dietary guidelines!

Photo Credit - Renee Sosanna Olson

Eli and I found Buddhism and began meditating. We are really feeling good now. Eli is down to almost no pain at all and all my manias have passed.  I have completely migrated into menopause and feel healthier than I have in my entire life.

Photo Credit - US

So we're ready now.  Come on 2020 - Let's get this party started.

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