Monday Meditation - Empathic Eating

A few years ago I switched over to a Whole Food Plant Based No Oil (WFPBNO) lifestyle.  I switched to this from being Vegetarian/Pescatarian for many years. I had several reasons for this switch. I wanted to be healthier and all the science currently points to having little to no animal products in a diet is better for the body.  It changed my life.

Photo  Credit - Elijah Trent Olson
July 3, 2016 - December 1, 2019

The Standard American Diet (SAD) is just that, sad.  It is full of calories, no nutrients as well as being cruel and inhuman. From the treatment of the animals to the treatment of the planet, our SAD lifestyle is destroying our world.

I recently wrote an article on being an empath and food. Many people I know claim this title as well. They say that can feel the energy of other beings.  They can touch a wallet and know who had it. They can touch a ring and feel the happiness of a wedding day.  I often wonder if they feel the pain and suffering of the animals they eat.  Are they able to feel the sadness of the mother cows who have their babies taken away? (Trigger warning - this link shows a video of a cow losing her calf and the suffering she endures.)

I have changed a lot about my life.  When I was asked originally if I was an ethical vegan, I would always say, no.  I'm vegan for my health. I found that as I stopped drinking milk, eating cheese and other dairy, I was able to connect more with animals on a higher level. I was able to connect more to my gifts, including precognition and my aura readings.  Today people freak about about a dog left in a hot car for an hour but don't seem to care about calves being left in boxes for eight to sixteen weeks, deprived of their mother's milk.  Instead feed formula to intentionally make them anemic for the "best" tasting veal. (Trigger warning - this link is to an article that gives the exact details of what a young male calf endures)

It just boggles the mind what we as human beings believe is ok to do to other animals. We often hear that serial killers start out killing animals before moving on to humans. Let's think about what we're doing each time we have a burger.  I often watch the news and am dismayed at how awful we can be to one another as a species. Maybe all that suffering we're eating is finally making itself known in our actions.

I know I'll hear a lot of complaints about how, this is my choice, and I shouldn't impose my choice on others.  I agree.  I don't want to impose my choice on others. I would like others to choose compassion on their own.

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