Monday Meditation: Witchcraft & Buddhism - The Fluffy Bunny Effect

I've become a fluffy bunny.  I look back at all the posts I used to make about my angry Goddess Hecate Brimo and how she was going to be a destroyer of all those who had wronged me. I

Photo Credit Renee Sosanna Olson
(artist Georgi Mishev)

I saw her riding in with her mighty torches, dagger in hand ready to bring forth justice for me. To in a sense destroy all those who were not aligned with my way of thinking. I saw this metaphorically. I followed Hecate as a light bringer. One who has the keys to ancient knowledge that I needed in order to go forward in my life. I was angry, so Brimo was who I identified with.

Today I'm feeling much more centered in my life. I don't practice as much as I used to, spells and rituals but I do meditate.  I feel that even if I'm not chanting her name I am still calling upon some of the other representations that she is know for. I love this list here.

Some new titles I'm thinking of identifying with:

Alkimos: Strong/Stout/Brave/Powerful
Ameibousa/Amibousa: One that Transforms
Angelos/Angele: Messenger
Aregos: Helper
Erototokeia: Producing Love/Bearer of Love
Eukoline: Good-Tempered

There are so many  more facets to this life we have in front of us. Learning to become more and not hold on to those things that cause suffering is something that we all need to learn. On the hunt for a fight, looking for someone to defend is just furthering suffering. Instead I choose to offer compassion. I choose to offer understanding and be there for those who need it. I choose to send out, light and love.  There I said it.  Light and love.  For all those years, I was quick to say, I'm not all light and love.  Well I know why. I was so full of suffering that I couldn't see the way to give that light and love to others, because I hadn't given it to myself.

Today I choose to love myself. Today I choose to be a fluffy bunny.

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