Monday Meditation - Release

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I created this as a way to help me learning the Four Noble Truths. For me it was easier to remember if I had just one word for each of the truths. This is the second of four blog posts related to the Four Noble Truths.

To understand that suffering exists is the beginning of the Four Noble Truths. Now where does this suffering come from?  What is the origin of our suffering? What is Samudaya?

I chose release here because release is the opposite of attachment.  It reminds me that I need to release that attachment in order to cease the suffering in my life.  Suffering comes from attachment.  Attachment to people and things.  If we get a child, we fear losing the child. If we get any new possession, (car, house) or even a new job, after we have the happiness of having those, along with that comes naturally the fear of losing them.

So first we learned that life is suffering.  Living equates to suffering. To live is to suffer.  Now, we know why we suffer. We suffering due to attachment.  Attachment is the fear of loss. So we are suffering because we don't want to lose what we have. Samudaya is understanding that there is a source of this suffering.

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