Coming to Terms with Addiction

For years I have always known that the food we eat is laden with chemicals that cause our bodies harm. I knew that eating them could cause cancer, trigger bipolar manias and even cause death. Over the last two weeks I found out just how strong that addition is.

It started with just a veggie pizza with no cheese to full on stuffed mozzarella bread sticks. This past Tuesday I found myself sitting in my living room in tears because I felt so horrible. I felt my mania come back in full force with panic attacks, headaches and even that odd growth returning to my nose. I had eaten cheese on four occasions. 

My brain was so far back into the addition that I was ready to sit down and eat everything in sight.  My arms were killing me and my fibro was coming back.  I had eaten a total of 10 stuffed bread sticks over the 2 weeks and maybe 8-10 slices of pizza.  Just that little bit and I was completely hooked again.  I even gained 5lbs. The oil that came through after my trips to the bath room was frightening.

Today, four days after my wake up and stopping the diary, I find myself in a much better place. I've been stuffing myself with blueberries and green tea to try to clean this junk out of my system. My mania has passed and I feel so much better.  No more panic and anxiety. No more pain in my arms.  I really believe, if not the chemicals, then the emotion in the milk from those poor cows does immediate damage to our body. 

When I say to you, I understand why you can't give up meat.  I understand why it is so hard to stop cheese, believe me, I am saying this as one junkie to another. Those things are intentionally addictive. They want you to crave them so strongly that even as you sit in pain and depression you reach for it and add it into your body just like any other drug.

You can however break the cycle.  It isn't easy, but you can do it. If you need support, message me. I'll help you. I'll listen. I won't judge.  I know what it is like to be in that position. Here are some tips to help.

1. Remove all the junk from your house - throw it in the trash!
2. Sign up for a fresh veggie delivery service - I use Misfits Market
3. Pick up an Instant Pot - Great for beans and potatoes
4. Find a support person - You can message me!
5. Be kind to yourself - Everyone makes mistakes

Remember, nothing is forever.  Things are always changing and you can either resist the change or accept the change. Opt for the things that bring you peace. You have the power within you to happy. You just have to accept it. 

Hang in there!