Modern Divination - Crystals and Crystal Grids

Crystal healing has been around for centuries. My interest in crystals started as a small child looking for that "sparkle" amongst the common stones. Just last year I finished my crystal healer certification in 2018 and found that it was indeed not only a passion due to the beauty with in each piece but also because of the amazing power that emanates from each delicate facet of these stunning creations.

I remember my first crystal ball and the power I felt from it. I remember wearing my crystals of assorted types and remembering how they changed the world around me.  Wearing my amethyst ring for example lead to a higher bar tab. It was like the alcohol couldn't find me. 

My clear quart giving me the power to feel centered and the ability to take on the world. My labradorite to clear energy and help me follow my dreams.

So what is a crystal grid and how does it work?  Crystal grids is an alignment of crystals set to a geometrical pattern for the purpose of manifestation. There is a center stone with is the focus of the energy and the surrounding stones that modify and broadcast the intention into the universe.  Amplification stones, generally quartz crystals are then used to "power up" the grid. Finally the grid is activated.  It is a pretty powerful process and if you have the opportunity to learn more I highly recommend checking it out. I have several posts in this blog related to crystals.  Here's a link for your convivence.

When I met Crystal online, I was drawn to her carefree and playful energy. We have known each other for quite a few years and I have worked with her on several occasions to create jewelry and clay creation from her earthen treasures. 

I have always loved her crystal grids and when I thought of this project I knew I wanted to get her amazing grids in front of you.  I was thrilled when she agreed to participate.

Photo Credit - Crystal

Here are her interview questions.

Q: How did you get started?

A: I started digging quartz in Arkansas about a decade ago .I was amazed at how it feels to be the first person to touch these amazing gifts from earth.  I was researching what all  I could do with the crystals once I had dug them. I eventually tried a few grids and when I made one for my boss to win a fishing tournament (that failed) I revisited my intent and purpose in making the grids. I also moved to an area known for more mineral variety and my collection grew immensely. It allowed me to learn even more about our connection with earth.. I believe the crystals /grid components find us. They are a gift and should be used for positive intentions. Since then I've had great luck with every grid I've built. 

Photo Credit - Crystal

Q: Explain your process for getting started with a reading.

A: Before gridding I like to set intentions, research needed materials, then ground and cleanse my work area energies.  I set my grid with intention then charge it. 

Q: How does the information come to you?

A:  The information has always somewhat come intuitively. I sit quietly with all the different specimens I use. When I first started I read every book, I researched all over the web and I asked other healers for direction. I also meditated with different minerals to understand their energy. I can then use that information when charging the grid with my intentions. 

Photo Credit - Crystal

I want to take a moment to thank Crystal for participating in our this exploration of divination via runes.  If you'd like to contact Crystal, please leave a comment on this blog and I'll see that she gets your message.

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