Cha Cha Changes....

 So it's been a while since my last post.  A lot has happened.  Just after the first part of the year, my doctor noticed that my iron was dropping quite a bit. We followed up for about 3 months and found that due to a surgery I had some 23 years ago, I was no longer binding iron.

This was compounded by my vegan diet.  Vegan diets have non-heme (not blood) based iron. Meaning all the iron comes from plant sources.  Under normal circumstances this wouldn't be an issue. In my case however, I had a procedure that removed the majority of my small intestines.  This is the area where nutrients, like iron, are absorbed.  Non-heme iron is harder to absorb than heme (blood) based iron. So it is easier to get the iron that makes red blood cells from animal sources such as beef or chicken.  

As my iron began reducing in 1/2 every 11 days, my doctor sent me to a hematologist to review my case.  He recommended that I begin iron infusions immediately.  On my first infusion I had an allergic reaction that was terrifying. So much so that I switched to eating meat for 10 days to try to "fix" my iron myself. It was however, too late.  My red blood cells were so low that they could not bind to any iron absorbed.  The tests revealed that the iron was floating around in my blood and just passing through my system. I was getting weaker and weaker.

Finally I went back and had the infusion. With the new type of iron, my body accepted it and I'm now up to my 5th and final appointment coming up next week.  Two weeks after that, we'll get another blood test to see how my body is doing.  I know that I have some success because my pica has gone completely.  I was eating a 10lb bag of ice every 3 days.

With the infusions and Eli breaking his ankle needless to say our medical bills are now through the roof. We decided it was time to take some action. So we decided to go back into business.  We've opened up a new shop called Ethereal Grind.  We'll be looking to get back into the vending market soon as well as having our e-shop to sell our goodies.  Be sure to go over and like/share our Facebook Page.

So here we are. Kicking off another business and a new life moving away from veganism and embracing my witchy path with new witchy consultations and photos readings available.  I'll be looking to update here more frequently. I look forward to sharing my new path with you.

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