Ancestors and Angels - Guardians

 Today we're into my new oracle deck Angels & Ancestors by Kyle Gray, art by Lily Moses. I wanted to start with a smaller part of the deck and become familiar with the it. Not just memorize the author's meaning of the cards but really fully connect with the intent of the card and what it says to me.

For this section the author has created a group called Guardians and Messengers consisting of twelve different cards.  Today I'll start with ones I have identified as the elemental guardians.


The Air Guardian represents the element of air, which is all about thoughts, thinking and the mind. It helps us to overcome any thoughts that have come back to haunt you.   It tells us to shift our perception. This direction tells us that if we stop and look at our situation from a different perspective our entire reality will be shifted. 
When this card is pulled it is an opportunity to change our way of thinking. Sometimes the mind can play tricks and this gives us a chance to rethink what we have encountered and evaluate our decisions. It guides us to open our minds and see the world in a new way.

The Earth Guardian tells use to stay rooted and grounded. The author depicted this guardian as a non-binary energy.  It tells us to take time to connect with energy of the Earth. Feel supported by the strength and integrity of the ground.  Take a grounded approach to the world around you. Stop and take a deep breath before proceeding with actions or decisions.  When the Earth Guardian appears it reminds to to take care of the planet but literally and figuratively. Relax, ground yourself and then proceed.

The Fire Guardian tells us to ignite our passion and connect with our deepest desires. Though some fear the this aspect we should embrace it.  Even as a wild fire ravages a forest, it leaves behind the most fertile ground from which new life will grow.  This energy reminds us to embrace our desire and burn away any old hangups that may be stopping us from moving forward.  When we see this card we are reminded that the fiery energy of passion is not only in physical love but also in our drive and dedication for all things.  From the spark of a first kiss to closing a big deal, we are passionate beings and should embrace that.

The Water Guardian tells us to connect with our emotions.  As any water sign will tell you, water is all about connecting with your emotions. Being sensitive and dreamy is something to be embraced.  Water is what our very bodies are made of.  It lives within us at our core. This reminds us that emotions run deep within our being.  The waters can help you unlock intuitive powers and abundance.   When this card is pulled, remember to stop and connect with what you're feeling. Close your eyes, take in a breath and really concentrate on what your energies, your emotions are telling you about your situation. 

These four cards are really beautiful. I enjoyed learning about them and I feel I will keep them in my deck. I was really pleased to see the author add a non-binary card. We we know from many historical sources there were angel spirits that did not have gender. I found this to be extremely timely and makes this a very modern deck. I love the image on the Air Guardian card. 

Next week I'll be going back to the deck and pulling a few more guardian cards for us to examine.  I hope this has been helpful and I thank you for joining me.


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