Angels and Ancestors - Seasons

 Today I'm exploring more into my new oracle deck Angels & Ancestors by Kyle Gray, art by Lily Moses. I wanted to start with a smaller part of the deck and become familiar with the it. Not just memorize the author's meaning of the cards but really fully connect with the intent of the card and what it says to me. 


Autumn is a time of shedding of the old and resting up for the renewal to come. A time when all the things around us, most notably the trees drop their own dying leaves to the ground to make way for the new buds of spring. We also sometimes need to pass off our old selves and allow it do wither away in order to revive ourselves with a burst of color and life. Holding on to the old will weigh us down, releasing that energy will allow us to change and grow.  The raven on the card indicates healing in Celtic animal medicine. When it arrives in the spread, it indicates initiation and shows us to be aware of our own needs and desires.

Spring is a time of growth. It is a time to watch our seeds sprout and allow those changes that we have put in to come to fruition. Animals are coming alive to mate for the season, our buds on the trees are alive with potential.  This is a time to bring our new ideas and inspiration. Opportunities, abundance and growth are afoot when this card comes up in a spread. The card shows the fertile wild hare which in Celtic animal medicine indicates intuition and rebirth. The arrival of the hare can bring dreams into reality.

Summer is a time to bask in the warm glow of the sun. To feel the energy and power of the sun light and allow personal endeavors blossom. Get out into world and feel a connection to the planet. This is a great time to use that extra energy of the sun to create new things or further a project that needs a little push of creativity. This card showcases a honey bee, wings spread with amber honey combs around it. The honey bee is said to be a messenger between our world and the spirit world in Celtic mythology. When the summer card reveals itself in a spread look for messages that may be coming from the spirit world regarding clarity, change and opportunity.

Winter is a time when we stay close to home and care for ourselves. It is the dark time, when the sun is scarce in the sky and our minds move to making sure our basic necessities are met. We take care of what we need and then move forward. It is a time or retreat and hibernation. This card features the image of a wolf, cross seasonal, solitary yet pack orientated and strong.  Wolf medicine teaches us when we may need to stay together or go at it alone. When the winter card appears in our spread it tells us to move ahead of fears. While we want to move out of the dark, we need to become comfortable with the unknown and remember that we have light coming.  

So this is an introduction to the Season cards in the Angels and Ancestors Oracle deck. I found it to be a good experience sitting with just the four cards and learning about them. I really liked the connection this has to Celtic animal medicine. My sister does Celtic totem readings and you can find her at her page Bone Songs on Facebook.  

I hope you found this useful and thank you for helping me explore and connect with this deck while adding my energy and intuition to the Angels and Ancestors Oracle.



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