Ancestors and Angels - Sacred Ones Three & Warrior Symbols

Today I'm exploring more into my new oracle deck Angels & Ancestors by Kyle Gray, art by Lily Moses. I wanted to start with a smaller part of the deck and become familiar with the it. Not just memorize the author's meaning of the cards but really fully connect with the intent of the card and what it says to me. 

We'll be going back to the deck and pulling four more cards one of the Sacred Ones cards and three Warrior Symbols. I hope you enjoy.

Sacred Ones

Spirit Fox

The Spirit Fox tells us to Trust your talents in changing times. This is the time to stay alert, change is coming. A fox knows what it is like to be hunted. They live in varied areas from urban to wild and even in the barren cold of the north and the heat of the desert. They survive by staying alert and watching what is around them. When we see this card in our spread we should embrace the fox medicine and remember to be present and alert for there is something that requires our attention coming. Trust our inner knowledge and we will prevail.


The Seer card tells us to See beyond the Current Situation. She is an intuitive being channeling information on what is happening now. Allowing us to see that our intentions can and do change the future. We can use this knowledge to not only change but create the best future for us.  When this card is pulled take some time to focus on what you can see coming and make the path better for yourself and those around you.

Warrior Symbols


The Eagle card tells us to see from a higher perspective.  Look at thing from different angles and see from all points of view.  The eagle is a powerful courageous guide that is able to view their domain from high in the clouds. It is able to see all around and is able to make decisions based on that wide view. When this card is pulled take a moment to stop and take the higher road, look at the situation from a different place. There may be something you're missing.


The Snake tells us to shed old skin.  Cast off the old and show your true colors.  Unleash your gifts and talents to the world.  The medicine of the snake is said to allow one to reach the highest spiritual potential.  The snake sheds it's skin and it left with brightly colored scales as it grows and changes.  When you see the snake in your draw take some time to think about what may be limiting you, what needs to be left behind in order for you to become a better version of you!

I hope you have enjoyed my take on these cards from the suit of  The Sacred Ones and Warrior Cards.  I'd love to have your feedback or questions. Post your comments here or sent a private message and we can certainly have a chat.  There's a button on the right of the page that will start an IM conversation with me if you choose.  

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