Ancestors and Angels - Sacred Ones Two

Today I'm exploring more into my new oracle deck Angels & Ancestors by Kyle Gray, art by Lily Moses. I wanted to start with a smaller part of the deck and become familiar with the it. Not just memorize the author's meaning of the cards but really fully connect with the intent of the card and what it says to me. 

We'll be going back to the deck and pulling four more of the Sacred Ones cards. I hope you enjoy.

Sacred Ones


The Elder card tells us to move beyond ancestral patterns. Look further than the path laid out for you by your ancestors and family.  Your spirit is stronger than what is created by patterns from our birth. The image on the card is a man of Aboriginal tribes. These are the oldest living people on the plant still alive today.  They represent the holding on of the strength of the ancestors but encompassing the intuition to adapt and change to continue to live in an ever changing world.   All while keeping one foot set in the spiritual realm.  When the Elder is pulled, he reminds us to keep our head up and focus on the healing work that needs to be done. We should look to move past the failures or hardships of the past because within us lies the power to thrive. 


The Shapeshifter tells us to transform and unveil your gifts.  The image on the card is a shapeshifting shaman. He is flanked by a hawk and wolf beneath the full moon. An image of a snake surrounds him and his eyes one human and one big cat looks deep within us.  Shifting allows us to see the world through different eyes. We can call upon the animal that speaks to us and use that animal medicine to guide us through times when we may need just a bit more support.  Each of these gifts we then have within us. We take the eyes of the hawk or the will of the elephant and apply them to our daily trials. When the Shapeshifter card is pulled it is letting us know that we will have the opportunity to call upon those strengths. Be alert to a particular animal you're seeing regularly. It may be that you need to harness the energy of this animal and use this power to help as the days move on.


The Hunter tells us to track down our fears and desires. This card depicts the god of the hunt, Cernunnos  He is the god of the hunt and the hunted. He connects us with our fears and our fearlessness.  We need only get past these fears to find our deepest desires. The stag is the proud animal. He is strong and resilient. He reminds us to put down these fears and walk tall on the earth. Focus our energy on achieving our goals. Find the things we desire and move towards obtaining them.  When this card is pulled it reminds us to move past the things that are stopping us and focus our energy on the things that we truly desire. We have the capacity to achieve our goals. We just need to do it.


The She-Wolf tells us to unleash the wild within.  Unleash the wild side and allow our desires to take over.  The image on this card is a shamanic half wolf, have woman howling at the boom. She is the alpha female. She can and will take charge of the situation. She is unfiltered and undeterred.  She reminds us to be free and unchained. As she throws back her head and howls to to the moon, she wants us to embrace that wild energy within us and take our pack into the future.  When this card is pulled it reminds us to focus on that wolf energy, track down where we want to go and don't let anyone that may attempt to deter us, stand in our way. We are on the path of our wild side, take charge and succeed!

I hope you have enjoyed my take on these cards from the suit of  The Sacred Ones.  I'd love to have your feedback or questions. Post your comments here or sent a private message and we can certainly have a chat.  There's a button on the right of the page that will start an IM conversation with me if you choose.  

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