Ethereal Grind - Altar Cloths

 Today I wanted to share with you some new items we have in at Ethereal Grind.  We  have a new selection of Altar Cloths available.  These are a unique set of coverings made with frayed edges giving them a bit more of a mystical appearance. 

The two largest each have a celtic style knotwork around the board with a center area for the main image. One is a triple moon with a pentacle in the center. The second has a large pentacle. I love both of these!

The next I have is a huge 72 x 21 inch runner style tapestry.  It has three printed pentacles across the center with celtic knotwork around the outside.  This would be a great piece for an ancestral mantle altar or showcasing a wide working altar.

Either of these would be a fantastic addition to your sacred space. You can get yours here.

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check out my series on Ancestors and Angels oracle deck.  



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