Ethereal Grind Product Review - Witch's Cabinet

 This week I wanted to share with you this pretty amazing cabinet that we picked up for the shop.  Our shop has lots of altar tools, incense as well as handmade items such as jewelry and personalized t-shirts. You can see all of our products at

Now on to the cabinet.

It is incredible. It is made with solid wood and has pentacles around the front and sides.  Each drawer is hand carved and has space for herbs, rocks or other little witchy goodies.

The handles are made of metal and each piece fits together like a puzzle.  Here are a few pictures.

I just love this piece. It stands 9 1/2 in tall x 8" wide x 3 1/2 in deep drawers.  It is so fantastic. We only have one in the shop right now but we may be able to get more. If you're interested in this piece, head over to the shop and grab it up! It is fairly priced at 32.50.  You can't be that with a stick!  LOL

Here's the link for this amazing piece.

Hope you enjoyed this little look inside Ethereal Grind!



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