Ethereal Grind - Tumblers

 I thought I would create a few blog posts related to the things we're working on at Ethereal Grind. What's Ethereal Grind, you ask.  Ethereal Grind is our latest step in my goal to open a metaphysical store in my retirement. We're working now to create our online presence and will be looking to attend festivals and events as the state begins opening up since Covid.  

I wanted to share some of the goodies that we've been creating. This post will be dedicated to Elijah's amazing tumblers.  These are hot/cold 24 oz cups with a plastic lid that have some pretty amazing artwork applied to them and then are coated with resin. Elijah completes then by hand and drips the resin on in a fine layer to achieve almost miraculous results. 

But, what is it they say about pictures??  Yeah, let me hush and show you what I'm talking about.



I hope you enjoy this look at our tumblers.  Remember to head over and check out the shop.  Custom work available, housewares, ritual tools and more!


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