Ancestors and Angels - Warrior Symbols Two

 Today I'm exploring more into my new oracle deck Angels & Ancestors by Kyle Gray, art by Lily Moses. I wanted to start with a smaller part of the deck and become familiar with the it. Not just memorize the author's meaning of the cards but really fully connect with the intent of the card and what it says to me. 

We'll be going back to the deck and pulling three Warrior Symbols. I hope you enjoy.

Warrior Symbols


The Arrow tells us to Surround Yourself with Protective Energy.  We need to bring together positive people and energy in our lives now.  Arrows are a symbol of protection and defence. When the arrow appears we should look to protect ourselves from those people or situations that might cause us harm. This isn't an indicator of attack, but a message to be aware of things that may come. When the arrow card is pulled we should follow our intuition about who to trust and what to trust. Things may not always be as they seem.

Broken Arrow

The Broken Arrow tells us to embrace the energy of peace.  Let go of the defensive feelings and allow yourself to take the next step in harmony with those around you.  It has be used in traditional cultures to signify the end of a war or hostility between tribes.  When the broken arrow is drawn this is a symbol that it is time to put down your weapons. To move forward we must put away our fears. Going in peace is the way to ensure happiness for yourself and those around you.


The Drum Card tells us to Dream and Journey.  Take a journey inside ourselves to find information that will help us on our path.  In some shamanic cultures the drum is the main tool of the healers and help with meditation. The melodic beat has aided in meditation and trance work for centuries. It can help one enter a dream state that will open up the mind to hear messages that lay deep within our psyche. When the drum arrives in our spread we're reminded to listen to the sound of the drum which echoes the sounds of the heartbeat and gaze within ourselves to look for the answers we seek.


The Stag tells us to Trust and Thrive.  Bring the light of our being front and center and live our destiny. The stag, in Celtic tradition, is the king of the forest.  He brings protection when needed. In some Native American cultures he is honored for being a source of sustenance and utilized in varied methods, from drums and rattles to clothing.  He is a being of fertility and sexuality. When this card presents in our spread we are reminded to trust all of our gifts, all the things that we have to offer to ourselves and to others. Take those gifts, use them to grow and thrive in our current space. We should feel safe, protected and ready to move forward with this powerful energy.  Be proud of who we are and walk the path of the stag.

I hope you have enjoyed my take on these cards from the suit of  Warrior.  I'd love to have your feedback or questions. Post your comments here or sent a private message and we can certainly have a chat.  There's a button on the right of the page that will start an IM conversation with me if you choose.  

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