Angels and Ancestors - Final Thoughts

 Last week was my last pull of the section of the Angels and Ancestors Oracle by Kyle Gray and Lily Moses that I chose to keep in my working deck.  I wanted to post a follow up to my interpretation of the cards with a review of the cards in general. 

Overall the deck is beautiful. I mean that's really what attracts us to Oracle or Tarot cards anyway. The art on these cards is stunning. I love the way the imagery tells the story of the card. When I went through each card and followed the author's note on them I noticed there were a few things that didn't quite match.  For example, the Sun and Moon cards did not play off each other in a way one would expect. The same with Arrow and Broken Arrow.  I would expect these two examples to be opposite of eachother but when you sit down and read the author's intention you see that they certainly are not.

One annoying thing about Oracle and Tarot cards in general is that they're always so bloody big.  I have small hands. Shuffling these oversized cards is hard, but add my small hands and there's almost no way for me to do this. I have managed to work with this but I am working on creating my own deck of cards and they will NOT be oversized.  (smiles) 

I will say however, this is one of my favorite reviews of a deck of cards. The colors, the images and the authors choice to use people of color and to include non-binary representations was fantastic. I do highly recommend checking out this deck.


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