Witchcraft Therapy - A Review

 This is a review of the Book Witchcraft Therapy, Your Guide to Banishing Bullsh*t and Invoking your Inner Power by Mandi Em. 

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This is a great little hard cover book with bright blue graphics in the shape of flowers, crystals and feathers across the front and back of the book.  The size is perfect for tossing in a bag to read on the beach or at your favorite coffee or tea hangout.  The print inside is a nice size and it easy to read.  It is an average length book coming in at 217 pages not including the index. 

The index in the back of the book is of nice size. I always like it when an author includes an index. To me, an index makes the difference between a so-so book and a great book. I need to be able to get to your information quickly.  Help me find it by adding something like this author did with this six page index.

The author begins with a brief introduction into magic.  They provide techniques around energy work, grounding, creating magical spaces, manifestations, rituals and more.  There's even a brief section on safety when I found welcoming.  Coming from a family where more than one of my ancestors dresses caught on fire I can say watch your robes there because in a minute it can all go up in smoke!

One of the first things you'll notice about this book is that our author isn't your typical "thee and thou" magical writer. This book is written in a modern language with slang and the occasional "curse" word.
It isn't offensive, but very entertaining and I can feel the energy on each page.  

I'm not going to rewrite the spells included in the book, but I will say that they are simple to follow and include a host of supporting dialog that I believe would be great for a witch of any level. I really enjoyed the section on the cleansing practice for realigning energy. 

The journal prompts for breaking old habits I think is essential for anyone (witch or not) to learn.  WE need to learn to this in all aspects of our lives today.

The forgiveness spell on page 181 was another one of my favorites. I can see how doing with as a self healing exercise would be fantastic. 

Overall I found this book easy to read and frankly a joy to review.  The modern language and peppy step of the spells really appealed to me. I can see any young witch really being drawn to this book.  I highly recommend this as a graduation gift, a house warming or birthday present. I believe the age level for this is probably young adult up through mature. I do believe that anyone would benefit from this book.

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