Modern Witchcraft Guide to Fairies - A Review

 This is a review of The Modern Witchcraft Guide to Fairies - Your Complete Guide to the Magick of the Fae by Skye Alexander.

This is a lovely hard cover book with a colorful illustrative cover. It has a large enough font to be legible and offers an appendix and index in the book.  It is about average size and can be tossed into a bag or backpack for reading on the go.  Inside the book the pages are rough to the touch and the edges are created in that misaligned pattern that makes them seem as though they were not bound correctly.

The author begins our trip into the fairy realm with some witchcraft and fairy basics. She covers how we should interact with natural places and give respect to nature. She gives an over of Celtic Fairies and the Fairy Witchcraft that has existed for centuries in Ireland and Scotland.  It is based on ancient folklore and has existed for centuries. She also includes a section on Faery Wicca which was founded by Kisma Stepanich and offers a modern interpretation of these stories with focus on the modern practice of faery magic. 

Part One of the book gives us a massive amount of detail on the types of faeries we may encounter in our work with them as well as giving some pretty clear examples as when we should take care when working in the fae world. Including working with leprechauns, tricksters and changelings.  You'll learn the best places to meet with faeries and what types of faeries live in woodlands, lakes and fields.  The importance of crop and stone circles and of course fairy rings. 

Part two delves into the spells, rituals and practices for working with faeries. This section is broken down by spells and as we know, most of our magical fae friends work with affairs of the heart.  On page 91 the author even provides a spell to help us create flower water to promote self love. Something we could all do a little more of. 

Fairy magic is also strong in prosperity, so I was not surprised to see a section on abundance magic which included wealth attraction, secure money magic and a spell to generate prosperity.   My favorite by far was on page 118.  This provided instruction on hanging offerings to the fairies in trees to gain prosperity. 

Other sections in part two include working with fairies for healing and health, safety and protection, personal and professional success, concluding with personal and spiritual growth.  I enjoyed each but really felt drawn to the personal and spiritual growth section.  The part on transforming obstacles into opportunities really hit home with me.  I sat down and created a new product for my shop called Intention Baubles where I could take those things that might be standing in my way and use a physical object to set my positive components in their site and work to achieve my goal. You can see my baubles on my shop site at

The author did a great job providing lists of supporting tools for working with the fae. The appendix offers a list of gemstones, flowers, herbs and spices as well as essential oils and incense for spells and rituals. Overall a complete resource for your magical fairy work and I highly recommend.

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