Astrology Embroidery - A Review

 This is a review of Astrology Embroidery by Maya Hanisch. 

Very different from my standard reviews, today I have a book on a craft. This book has been created to teach the magic of embroidery using the signs of the zodiac as inspiration. First I'll review the physical book.  The books is a large soft cover book with easy to read fonts and great graphics. I wouldn't expect anything different with the author being an illustrator. There is no index but this book really doesn't need one.

The artist/author takes the time to help the reader learning the individual stitches that are used in the book. The layout of the book begins with the teaching section with each stitch outlined and then goes into showing how they are used with a set of pages for each sign.

The book doesn't stop there! There is a section for smaller creations that I simply adored!  The cat and the knowing hands were my absolute favorites!  I plan on putting these on one of my jean jackets!

The back of the book even has templates that can be used with tracing paper or a photocopier to make the job easier!  


Over all, simple book with brilliant designs and a great introduction for witchy folks into the journey of embroidery. I could see using the knowing hands on a gris gris bag and chanting your incantations with each stitch!

If you try this out, let me know! I'd love to see your creations!



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