Conscious Creativity - A Review

 Today's review is Conscious Creativity - Cards for thinking outside the box, by Philippa Stanton.

This was an interesting review. I've been asked to review many media types. From short stories, to novels to oracle and tarot cards to now this. I' don't really know how to categorize it. As you sit down with this deck, don't expect it to be like any other deck you've ever had. At least I have not found it to be like any other. The box is colorful and the small book included seem to be much the same as any other boxed set of cards.  However that's where the similarity ends.

Under the first few pages, the author tells us that there isn't a definitive way to use the cards. The author recommends taking cards at random from the deck and connecting with the image or the words. The interesting thing about this deck, is that the imagery doesn't appear to have any real connection to the message on the back or the other cards in the deck.  When we think about the Angels and Ancestors Oracle deck, for example, these cards are all related to the ancestors of human kind and the assorted angelic beings from the heavens. In the case of this deck, the images are more random.

In the booklet the author tells use that the suits are - Circles, Squares, Triangles, Lines, Textures, Nature, Reflections and Shadows. Each suit then contains thirteen colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Purple, Pink, Aqua, Brown, Black, White and Metallic. 

In the final pages of the book,  each of the suits are listed with pictures. There are 104 cards in this deck with 2 jokers. To me, it's a pretty big deck. Without the connection of what they are all based on I felt it to be a bit cumbersome to work with.

I spent some time reviewing the card images and working with the messages on the back and that too was a bit disconnected. I can see why this author told us that this was a way to think outside of the box. These cards are not on the same table as the box.  (laughs)

Overall a great new take on working with the randomness that is our life in general. I personally, found these cards a bit of a challenge to work with. If this is something that you have experience with or if you have other feedback feel free to leave your message and I'd love to have some engaging dialog on this.



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