Real Talk Tarot - A Review

 Today I'm reviewing Real Talk Tarot illustrated by Juanita Londono Gaviria.

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Release Date: October 5, 2021

I'll start with a physical review of the deck and accompanying book.  The set comes boxed and is of average size. It could easily be tossed in a tote bag or backpack.  The book is a small soft cover book with some pretty small fonts.  Even with my reading glasses on, it was a struggle to read the thin, tiny font. The book has no index but it does offer a short introduction in the front as well as a few spreads for those beginning their reading adventures.  

It also offers a quick reference guide. This is a list of all the cards in the deck (which are the traditional Rider/Waite deck) with a couple of keywords for each. For example, the Fool has the words risk and beginnings.  The magician has the words action, manifestation and ambition. The 10 of cups has family and happiness. I found this to be extremely useful addition to a tarot book. Not many think about this aspect and I believe it can help guide a beginner on how to work with the Tarot.  The card description section has the traditional upright and reversed meanings just as a typical deck with the addition of a short phrase before each section. On the chariot card the words are "you're going places, baby" and the emperor card has "father knows best".  Again I thought this was a cute way to update the deck and provide a fresh look at a familiar topic.

The main changes here in this deck are the illustrations. This is a completely modern take on the Tarot and our illustrator has taken the liberty of changing what we would expect in a traditional deck and flipped it on its head. For example, our death card (one of the most popular in the Rider/Waite deck) is riding a bus about town! Some of my favorite cards were the Justice card which feature a woman of color blindfolded with the scales of justice just to her left and right. The chariot card which again features a woman of color, this time with earbuds and a road running from top to bottom with cards, a bicycle and an airplane around her. 

Over all a cute whimsical deck that brings a bit of creativity and modernization to our traditional tarot. This is a great set for the novice and advanced reader alike. It offers a fresh look and a fun way to explore the mysteries of divination. 

I hope you have enjoyed this look at the Real Talk Tarot. If you use this deck or have any feedback feel free to contact the page.  Leave a comment or reachout over chat/email.



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