In Focus - Divination - A Review

 Today I'm reviewing - "In Focus: Divination" by Steven Bright.

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  • Release Date - November 30, 2021

I'll begin with the physical book.  I have reviewed other books in the In Focus series from Quarto Knows and they are all well made.  This hardcover edition comes with a lovely cover design as well as a 18X24 inch wall chart. It is full of illustrations and charts that provide a great deal of information, however I felt the font could be just a little larger on the title page. This book offers an well organized index, giving readers the ability to find information based on divination method or by object.

I have read several books based on divination.  Each had the typical methods that we all know. Mirror scrying, palmistry or firemancy to name a few.  This book delves off the beaten path by offering some methods that I had not heard of.  While including such topics as Tea Leaf Reading, Elder Futhark Runes, Reading colors and the I Ching; the author also includes some interesting chapters that I'll go into below.

Witches Runes - Based on incomplete text from the middle east, witches runes are said to be thirteen images that held power for the people of those times. According to the book, these runes are easier to read than some other types of runes based on their basic shapes and their limited number. The sun for example is a simple line drawing of the sun.  The same is the case for the star, the moon and the crossroads. The author provides a table with the runes and corresponding interpretations when the runes appear in pairs.  A pull of the man rune and the moon rune is said to indicate a secretive male.

Reading Shells - (Conhomancy) This type of divination is used around the world and according to this book they are central in practices originating in West Africa and is used in Santeria, Umbanda and Candomble religions. The author instructs the reader on how to choose a shell, the shapes and styles of shells and then breaks down each.  An Abalone for example is associated with peace, love and compassion. The way the shell falls can indicate its meaning, the dull side up would be a lack of these qualities, while shiny side up would be an abundance. 

Reading Flowers - (Floromancy) This type of divination is typically a handed down tradition kept within families with hand drawn images and meanings that are then interpreted by the reader with their own experiences added.  Some flowers have a widely accepted meaning that goes outside the magical community such as the red rose as being a symbol of love while the yellow a symbol for friendship.  The divination beings with the practitioner placing a group of flowers in a vase or on a table and the client picks one using their own intuition.  The reading is delivered based on the meaning of the flower chosen. Though typically meanings are kept within the practitioners lineage, the author has provided a simple chart with a list of flowers and their meanings for the reader. Gardenia equates to secret love, yellow carnation to rejection and the daisy to innocence or hope.  The author goes on to outline the parts of the flower and their meaning and give a detailed overview of flower scrying.  Over all one of the most interesting chapters for me in this book.

This book comes with so much more information. With over fourteen chapters, the author takes us on a journey of divination from around the world. PLUS a huge wall chart included!  I found it to be informative and entertaining. I believe this would be a great book for even the most experienced diviner as it offers a look into some not so common methods.  I highly recommend taking the time to check out this book.



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