The Wild Goddess Oracle - A Review

Today I'm reviewing a new oracle deck called - "The Wild Goddess Oracle" by Amy Zerner & Monte Farber.

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  • Release Date - October 12, 2021

I'll start with a review of the physical book/deck.  This set comes as a cover/box type set. The deck sits in a square cutout on the left side and the softcover standard size book on the left.  I found this to be a bit annoying because each time I opened the cover the deck would fall out onto the book side. It seems without something to hold it in place there is no real way to keep this from happening. It may be a better idea for those creating these style boxes to put the deck on the right side to avoid this. The softcover book is held removable as the "box" is sort of a dust jacket style covering. The cover is beautifully illustrated and has a slight raise to the lettering. The title page is back to a normal size font and is completely legible. 

The book is simply a large version of the instruction booklet that comes with a set of tarot or oracle cards. Only this time, you can actually see all the cards and read the text that comes with the deck. The book starts with a view of all of the cards on the contents page which I found refreshing. Each one, though small, in full color and numbered. The author goes on to tell us how to use the cards and provides sample spreads.

The next (and best) part of the book is the cards.  After all, that's why we're here! Each of the 52 cards is featured with a full page image of the card in question. We see the image on one side and then we are presented with the message that each card comes with.  The author provides a few paragraphs on the card and then either an affirmation, a tip, and in some cases even a spell that can be used to channel the energy of the wild goddess represented on the card.

The artwork is eclectic and beautiful. Women across body types, skin colors and cultures are represented in this deck. The cards themselves are a bit wider than a standard deck of cards, but not too tall which my small hands appreciate. The image side of the card has the photo of our Wild Goddess and then the number and name of the card below. The interesting thing about this deck is that instead of a standard image on the back, each card has a blurb about the goddess.  On The Mermaid, for example it says the following: "Look below the surface of your emotional reactions to know what is really going on, for things are not always what they seem."

Overall this set is a really nice set. It is a different approach to working with Oracle cards and I appreciated the change. Currently my working deck is Angels and Ancestors but I may give this deck a try as working through this actually called to me to check out what the Wild Goddess may have for me. I recommend giving it a try for yourself!

If you pick up this deck or have used this deck feel free to leave a message in the comments on your experience.


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