The Witch's Complete Guide to Self Care - A Review

 Today I'm reviewing - "The Witch's Complete Guide to Self Care" by Theodosia Corinth.

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Theodosia Corinth is a practicing witch and writer born and living in Salem, Massachusetts. She writes and edits full time, and has worked as a professional tarot card reader. When she’s casting her spell on the world around her, she works with astrology, tarot, and the natural world to connect with her intuition and guide her writing. When she’s not writing, she’s busy tending to her overabundance of houseplants.

  • Release Date: October 19, 2021

I'll begin with a review of the physical book.  This is a larger book. It has a vibrantly illustrated blue cover front and back on this hardcover edition I was provided to review. Not the size to grab and go, but you could toss it in a normal sized book bag and take it on a bus or train ride as a traveling companion. In what seems to be a trend for this publisher, the title page font is miniscule. I would need to work with Sherlock Holmes to be able to read this page. The rest of the book is fine, just this initial page seems to be something that this publisher is sticking with in the books I've reviewed so far this year. The images in the book are fantastic, there are an assortment of styles from professional photography shots to simple line illustration the book's imagery is fitting and fanciful. The book has six fully load chapters with 168 pages that include an additional reading list, online resources and a decent sized index.

The author starts us on our magical journey by guiding us through our self care with an explanation of the roots of self care and how we should use this book.  Jumping right into body care, we're instructed on finding a way to use our bodies to practice. From dancing to stretches each movement we make is magical. Breathing exercises and meditation recommendations are not far behind. Closing out the chapter with cleanings baths and ritual herbs that can be used to help us provide our bodies with the nurture and care it so deeply deserves.

We then delve into the emotional waters of our self with a chapter (24 pages) dedicated to our emotional care. Mindfulness being front and center. The images in this section are stunning. I loved the section on goal setting and manifestation. This is something that every witch can work on and I found it to be quite rewarding. The following chapter on the Astrology & Tarot were well done and full of valuable information. 

Again with a focus on the self care aspect, the author takes us forward with how we work not only with our space and energy but also with those around us. Creating a support network and connecting with those like minded who we can share our path with. It his medically proven that having a support system in place leads to longer happier lives. Our familiars and our coven is just such a support mechanism that is powerful and rewarding. Finding yours should be something that is a strong foundation to build your practice. It may not been a group of 12 other witches that you meet with every full moon, but having someone around to call sister, and maybe have a cup of tea with from time to time will certainly help build that community.

The last chapter of this book is regarding magical communication. From how to use an altar to working with a spell book, we have an example of what working with these tools can look like. Then of course, we have the spells.  This book boasts of having well over 100 spells to choose from. The last pages of this chapter are dedicated to just that. From a spell for reflection to a spell for guidance, these pages include the materials required, the directions and then the step by step ritual to follow in order to manifest this spell into action. 

Overall I found this book to deliver exactly what the title promised. With follow up resources such as recommended reading lists and online resources this is a great gift for a beginner in the magical arts. The order of the chapters makes since and the dialog is clear and direct. I believe that this is a great resource for those exploring how to work with the magical tools they have to provide themselves with a positive, healthy way to care for themselves both physically and emotionally.



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