The Thrifty Witch's Book of Simple Spells

 Today I'm reviewing The Thrifty Witch's Book of Simple Spells by Wren Maple. 

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  • Release date: Jan 11, 2022

I'll start by reviewing the physical book.  This is a slightly larger size book that would fit well in a backpack or gym bag. It is paper back so be prepared for bent pages. The book has 160 pages with full color illustrations and includes a nice index. My only complaint is that the font is really small. I found that it was easy to ready with reading glasses but would have liked it to be a bit larger.

The book begins with some basic witchery 101. You can find out which witch is which in a section called "Types of Witches".  Its a very generalized overview of the types of witches that seem to be the most popular. I find myself, that there are many "cross-witches" if you will. Not everyone falls into a neat little box for organization. My recommendation here is to learn all you can about all types of magic and don't feel like there is something you can't do just because you're not that "kind" of witch.  As the author points out on page twelve, find your own way. Do what feels right, when it feels right.

The next few sections talk about the witch's "stuff". The author covers, herbs, crystals, and other magical tools and techniques. She does a good job breaking through the hype and giving a very basic overview of the tools of the trade. She moves into chapter two with tips on working the magic. Techniques, tips and tricks for things like personal motives, environmental considerations, including how to create your own witchy space for magic work. 

Chapter three is where the real magical work begins. The author spends the rest of the book sharing over assorted chapters all types of spell work.  From Protection & Deflection to Abundance & Healing, the author provides step by step instructions to complete the spell, potion or talisman in a simple and safe manner.  Even spending some time on self love and the importance of self esteem/protection in today's modern world.

This book is very cis female focused. There are spells for reproductive heal that focus on the vagina and on period cycle support. That's not to say that this book could not be enjoyed by witches of all gender perspectives, I did want to point this out as it could be triggering for some.

One of my favorite sections of this book is the section on Banishing & Binding Magic. Ward spells are some of the most power magic out there and I think that sometimes we think we have to bind someone (control their energy) as a way to project ourselves. But, back to banishing, keep these spells close to you, they do come in handy. I really like the spell on page 111 to banish toxic digital energy.  We could all use a bit of that from time to time. 

The book closes with sections dedicated to Sleep & Relaxation Magic and then Psychic Spells. The falls right in line with the over all message I got from this book which is self care. There are some great pieces in here for combating nightmares and even creating a jar for inner peace as well as to increase psychic ability. I think these are missing in a lot of magic today. 

Overall this is a great beginner's introduction to the world of magical spells and talismans. There isn't a great deal of history related to the source of these but it does offer some spells that you can do right now, with what you have in your house to get into magic immediately. I think this would be a great book for a heredity witchling or perhaps a teen getting started in the craft.

I hope you've enjoyed this review and find it helpful.  Feel free to leave a comment or send me a message if you have questions.



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