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Photo Credit - Renee Sosanna Olson

Moon water is really as simple as it sounds. Water exposed to a particular phase of the moon. I have a collection of different waters that I use for assorted spell intentions or components.  Filled with positive energy, some believe drinking moon water will help ease symptoms of PCOS and help regulate menstrual cycle.  

Moon water can also be used for ritual bathing before or after magical rites or used to cleanse crystals or stones of the negative energy that have collected. Choose certain phases of the moon or certain astrological settings of the moon is said to enhance the water's properties. If a moon is conjunct with Jupiter, it could bring luck and abundance. 

Alternatively, putting it in a spray bottle with a bit of sage or basil can turn it into a lovely cleansing spray. Adding lemon can brighten up any space.

Cloudly sky with moonshine
Full Moon Storm by Renee Sosanna Olson

I'm sure you're asking.. well what other types of waters can I make? Well, my friends, the options are as endless as the velvety nights sky. Aside for the obvious lunar phase and astrological choices for moon water collection, there are always eclipses, convergences and times of the year. A bottle of water when the moon is in a one house would one type of energy whereas when it is in another, another would be captured. Yule water or Samhain water could be used for different sprays -  Yule with cinnamon as a pray or Samhain with eggshells or tea leaves for communing with the dead.

Now think about the possibilities, Storm water, Hurricane water, Ice water/Winter water. Each one of these having their own magical properties to help enhance your magical efforts. I have put together a short list below.

  • Moon Water - Feminine Energy, Healing, Cleansing
  • Sun Water - Masculine Energy, Strength, Growth
  • Storm Water - Banishing, Cleansing, Protecting
  • Moon in a Fire Sign - Passion
  • Moon in an Earth Sign - Grounding
  • Moon in an Air Sign - Intellect
  • Moon in a Water Sign - Intuition
Storing your various water types can be a challenge. To keep moon water fully charged for example, you'll need to store it in a closed container in a dark space. It can be pulled out and poured into a glass for drinking or in a bowl to add to a bath but the container must be put back in a dark space and exposed to as little sunlight as possible.  Some even create unique bottles to store their ritual water. Here is a bottle I created for my moon water.

Using these types of water in your rituals will enhance your magical energy and the outcomes of your magic. Just be sure to collect the type of water you need, store it properly and the take care with cleansings your crystals or other fragile items. 

Moon water will help you bring the goddess energy into your magical workings and daily life.

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Renee Sosanna Olson

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