The Magickal Tarot - Guidebook & Deck - A Review


Today I'm reviewing The Magickal Tarot- Guidebook and Deck by Robyn Valentine.

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Release Date - Jan 4, 2022

As many of you know from my previous posts, I'm not a huge Tarot reader. I found years ago that my attention span and my dyslexia prevented me from being able to accurately connect with the imagery on most cards. I literally needed to count the swords to even get a grasp on what was showing up.  My divination preference align with oracle readings. I will say however, I don't need cards to read someone. Usually that info is all right there for the taking.  You just need to be ready to see it.

Now on to the review.

The deck comes as a boxed set with the box as the "dust jacket" if you will, for the set. The book is a tall, but narrow paper back with a smooth cover. The font is small, smaller on the author/content pages and does pose a small issue when trying to make out the words for these old eyes of mine. 

The book is broken down by the major arcana and gives a brief background and correspondences of each. These come after the introduction chapters which include an overview of the major arcane, how they relate to magic and how you can relate to them.

As you go through the section on the major arcana, the card image is displayed on one page and the "stats" if you will, on the other along with some magickal work sprinkled in.  If we look at The Empress card for example we see a full page view of her card along with the author's description on the facing page. She includes a section on the lunar phase, the energies and directions on how to leverage the energy of this card in magic. For this card, the author provides us with a fertility spell called "egg candle".  She provides detailed instructions on getting the most from the spell.  For me, I'm just going to sit this one aside.  I don't need any more babies up in here.  (laughing)

The art on these cards is just adorable. I love the artists take on the traditional cards, changing them, updating them but not losing the original design. I can tell who these cards are in relationship to the Rider-Waite deck, of which I am the most familiar.  Sometimes an artist takes so much license with changing the deck that it looks nothing like the original and I'm at a lost for what we are actually looking at.  The illustrator is Stasia Burrington and her work can be found here.

The book does not mention the minor arcana as a separate chapter.  They are included in the deck, but the focus of the book is harnessing the magical energies associated with the major arcana and using it to manifest the intent of the reader. 

Overall I think this is a nice deck and accompanying book. I like the way the author guides you into the energies of each of the major arcana. I like the way the spells are written out in an easy to understand and easy to follow. The packaging was a bit awkward, like many of the book/box desk combos. I wish publishers would stop with that. Find a new way. I'm tired of my deck falling out every time I open the box.  

If you're looking for a new deck to incorporate into your magical work, and want a place to get started, I recommend checking out the Magickal Tarot by Robyn Valentine. It is a unique interpretation of the Tarot that I believe you will enjoy.



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