The Ultimate Guide to Channeling - A Review

 Today I'm reviewing The Ultimate Guide to Channeling - Practical techniques to Connect with Your Spirit Guide by Amy Sikarskie, Founder of Spirit School.

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Release Date - January 18, 2022

I'll start with a review of the physical book.  This is a larger sized soft cover book. It isn't going to fit in your carry along bag, but it will fit in a full size backpack. The cover is slightly raised and has a lovely color. The pages are glossy and have some very small fonts on the initial pages but does enlarge as we move through the book.  It does revert back to the smaller font in some of the pages which could be a bit annoying. The color scheme is a lovely shade of calming purple, blue and green which I love.

The introduction page is beautiful. I love the color and the message. It is really one of the best descriptions of channeling I have ever seen. I love that the author states that we can channel in all sorts of ways. Music, singing, dancing and even through art. Not many make this distinction and I feel that it should be put out there more often. I always feel closer to the mystical realm when I'm singing and dancing around my circle. I can feel the energy come through me and messages are often received in this state. To me, that is channeling.

This book is divided in sections. In part one we have the Art of channeling, explaining exactly what channeling is. Part two is preparing to channel and part three is the act of channeling. Here the author talks about working with guided meditation, using tools and how to advance the work of channeling.

On page 30, the author mentions using the ancestors as guides in your channel experience. I believe these ancestors can be those we are directly related to, or those who may occupy the spaces that we're channeling in. Finding that connection can greatly increase the effectiveness of your channeling. Similarly working with mother earth, the elements or other beings such as spirit animals or archangels can direct your channeling to a specific place. Using this connection opens up the information locked in these areas and can greatly improve the effectiveness and accuracy of your channeling experience. 

The section on the charka is, in my opinion, one of the highlights of the book. The author provides in great detail each chakra and how it impacts your channeling.  The connecting with the energies exercise is extremely detailed and really effective. Take the time to go through the 60 minute version. I found a few reconnecting videos (not related to this book) that are great for just rolling through each of these and making sure everything is in alignment before beginning your channeling sessions. I'll include some chakra resources at the end of this article.

The entire book places focus on how to work with your team of support in the meditative process. From selecting who you will be calling on to establishing boundaries and guideline, the process is deliberate and fully explained. The author provides exercises for setting up your space and then connecting with those energies to help further the channeling experience. I felt the "Let Your Energy Flow" exercise on page 126 was very well done. With more chakra work and relaxation techniques the author gives us the tools to move the energy in our bodies. This chapter has several exercises to help get your energy moving in the right direction for the best experience.

I've always been fascinated by automatic writing. To me one of the ways of connecting with other sources of energy is with this technique. I studied Edgar Cayce for years and was really amazed as his ability to lay down and enter a trance state and then have someone write down his comments. While not a traditional automatic writing technique more of a dream state or trance state channeling/divination session, I found that if we could write from our dreams automatically this would certainly be the way to do it. But back to the book, this author gives us an overview of automatic writing, how to light trance write and then provides exercises to connect with the process. I think the inclusion of the message from the Council of Light was a great addition to the chapter.  I really enjoyed this. When you try it out, come back and tell me how you did. 

By far, I think the strongest chapter in this book is related to the support connection. Having a stable connection with the guides we choose to work with in this process is key to how successful we will be. The emphasis on the chakras, the breath and energy focus is something that I have found missing in many books on this topic. The author guides us on how to deal with blocks and doubts as well as begin our connection with our guides. Working through the process of the interaction with them and what we should expect. 

Well written and excellently illustrated, I found this book to be a great resource for those interested in channeling both novice and experienced alike. The detailed exercises and focus on how we care for ourselves really pinpoints the essence of channeling work.  To do a job well, you must keep your tools well cared for. As a logger sharpens their axe, so must we hone our tools to do the work that we do in the spiritual realm. I highly recommend picking up this book.



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