Magical Amplification - Getting the Results You Want

As a devoted magical practitioner, I want to be sure my magic is successful. I want to learn all I can, do all I can and be all I can be in order to make my magic the strongest magic I am capable of creating. Working with specific deities or a combination of deities or using certain crystals or tools are all great ways to get a little umph in your magic. I’m going to spend some time on each of these throughout this article.  I’ll add a few exercises at the end to help you work on your own magical amplification.

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail” - Benjamin Franklin

The step to getting the best out of your spell work is planning. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the ritual that you plan to conduct. Working through the wording, even walking through the process will help make everything run a bit smoother.  If you plan to call the quarters, for example, go ahead and take the time to work on that part of the ritual. Take the time to place your candles, matches or lighter in the right place for easy access. Be sure to prepare yourself as well as your space for the event. Take a ritual bath, do a mediation session prior to getting started.  All of these things will help you prepare to welcome in the magical energy and ensure that your session will be a success.

Aces in their Places

When it comes to magic, all deities are not created equal. What I mean by this is that we really need to work with our aces in their places. The right god(des) for the right job.  Understand the deities that you work with. Look into their backgrounds, find out what they like. After all, if you come to me and ask for a favor, you won’t get my affection with onions.  I hate them. Know what offerings please those you are working with. Find out which ones work together better. For example, recently I was doing some spell work for a job promotion and planned to do some spell work with Jupiter. I wanted to pull in the abundance, fortune and expansion associated with this Roman deity but did not have a regular relationship with him. Hecate is referenced in some of the older writings as being a conduit or someone to be used to deliver a request to other deities. I used my relationship with her to help me call upon Jupiter to aid in my spell. Other examples include working with Hecate and Eros in love magic, or Hecate and Apollo for healing. Find the right deity to get your magic moving in the right direction.

Quid pro quo

When asking for a favor we don’t show up empty handed. Quid pro quo, (Latin: What for What) is when we basically say, I will do this, if you do that. These are the types of deals we make with our magical sources when we leave offerings to our deities. When used in spell work, we may look to leave things they like. On my altar to Hecate, I’ll include pomegranate and leeks. Some more traditional items might be olive oil, honey and bread. Research your deity and know the things that they like. Make offerings of those things regularly to keep them happy. This will make your requests much easier to digest and the deity more likely to grant them. 

Lucky Charms

Finally, when working with magical energy, finding the best items, charms or do dads to help give that energy a boost is a must. There are several ways to boost that energy and I’m going to give a list of them below. Each is going to have a short description and I recommend doing more research on each.

Pyramids - The power of the pyramid has been known and harnessed since antiquity. From the ancient Egyptians to Nikola Tesla, the power stored in these magical shapes has been legendary. Pyramids have been used for sharpening metal blades, preserving food and focusing electromagnetic energy.  To harness this energy in my space, I created what I call “Witch Tacks”.  These are pyramid shaped resin creations that are either filled with a specific set of herbs for the purpose or intention that I want to convey or dyed with the colors of the element I want to bring into my magical right. The filled pyramids can also include gemstones, images or other elements to bring your intentions to fruition.

Quartz Crystals - Clear quartz crystals are known as amplifying crystals. These are the crystals you use in your crystal grids to help focus and amply your energy fields. It has the power to enhance the energy of what you place around it.  If I were looking to create a crystal set for a client who had stage fright; I might select amethyst to help with anxiety, citrine as the composer stone and a clear quartz crystal to boost the effects of the other two stones. If I wanted to create a set for love, perhaps I would use rose quartz, lapis lazuli and again, add that clear quartz crystal to amplify their power. Taking this same approach, I have a set of crystals on my altar that I use for different types of spell magic, each combination I always end with my clear quartz crystal. To me, this ends my intent with an exclamation mark!

Cone of Power - Those students of Wicca will be familiar with the Cone of Power. This is the idea that when we come together as a group of witches and visualize this cone, we can focus our power together to create a specified outcome. The most notable instance is by Gerald Gardner and New Forest Coven as a way to amplify the magical energy of his coven against the invading Nazi forces. Using this requires the entire group to have a single goal in mind. It requires practice, dedication and a strongly connected coven to be successful.

I hope you have enjoyed this brief journey into Magical Amplification. I hope that some of the information is new to you and you find ways to bring this into your daily magical rituals. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have questions related to this and I’ll be happy to provide any support I can. 



Rev. Renee Sosanna Olson - RSM, PMI-ACP

Ordained Spiritual Counselor

Certified Holistic Wellness Coach

International Yogi Certification

Certified Crystal Master & Aroma Therapy Practitioner


  1. Begin your ritual with a bath or meditation session. Use your journal to document any changes you feel in how the energy flows in the session.

  2. Add Offerings to your selected deity in the days prior to your ritual. Take some time to walk into your altar space and place your items with intent and focus. Use this time to think about your connection to the deity (or energy) and how that will impact your upcoming rituals.

  3. Read about the Cone of Power. Explore how this impacted the invading forces of the Nazi troops and how it was used in other situations such as Vietnam, against the Spanish Armada and Napoleon.

  4. Connect with pyramid energy. Read about how the ancient Egyptians used this energy and what is being explored with it today. Add a pyramid to your ritual space and document how using other amplifiers such as crystals or stones impact your magical experience.


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