Using Pendulums

 Using Pendulums - Connecting with Divination Tools

A pendulum is a divination tool used for spiritual guidance, decision making and energy management. Pendulums can be made of any weighted object at the end of a chain or string that can create a constant movement. We don’t really know how long pendulums have been used in human history but we do see them being used as divination tools in ancient Egypt and Rome. Pendulums have also been used for mapping locations for gold or oil and even to help locate missing people and things.

Pendulums can be used in spiritual guidance by asking yes/no questions and determining the answer with the swing or with the assistance of a spirit board. A spirit board is usually a board with the letters of the alphabet and numbers, as well as the words, yes, no, maybe and ask again/later. Similar boards are used for Ouija sessions. The pendulum is held from the tip of the chain/cord and allowed to dangle over the board. The diviner asks the pendulum a question and based on the correspondences on the board, the message is delivered.

Dosing is another great use for the pendulum. Dosing can be conducted by walking in a space holding the pendulum and watching for changes in the device. Any changes are noted and the object of the divination session is located where the pendulum changes occurred.  This can also be conducted by holding the pendulum over a map and using those locations to find the missing objects or locate items such as mining locations, missing people or water. The USGS has a section on their site dedicated to water dowsing or Water Witches.

The first step to working with any divination source is training. Take the time to learn the history of the pendulum. Think about how it was used in antiquity. Who used it? How did it come to be a commonly used divination device?  Next, take some time to connect with  your tool. Hold it, use it, make sure it is something you like and can connect with. I have several different pendulums I work with but one that is my favorite. It is reliable and always seems to be ready to provide and answer for me. 

Finally practice, practice, practice. This is the best way to learn how to use your tool and how it will perform for you. The only way to get better at what you’re doing is to do it repeatedly. Try some of the exercises below to work with your pendulum and how to become a skilled pendulum diviner.



Rev. Renee Sosanna Olson - RSM, PMI-ACP

Ordained Spiritual Counselor

Certified Holistic Wellness Coach

International Yogi Certification

Certified Crystal Master & Aroma Therapy Practitioner


  1. Attune your pendulum

    1.  Ask your pendulum to show you how it will reveal the answer of yes.

    2.  Ask your pendulum to show you how it will reveal the answer of no.

  2. Now practice with your pendulum with a list of yes or no questions.

  1. Should I accept this position?

  2. Should I use this crystal?

  3. Should I continue on this path?

      3. Journal

  1. Jot down your questions and answers

  2. Rate your accuracy

  3. Repeat your questions to get better at your craft


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