Midyear Magical Check-in - Correct or Stay the Course?

 Happy Summertime! We just hit July and it's a great time to look back at the first half of the year and make course corrections if needed.  What do I mean by that? Grab a tea, let's chat for a spell.

Back in the first part of the year we looked into the cards to see what they could tell us. Are you currently on track to make your goal?  Do you have questions on your progress?

I'll pull two more cards for the mid year check-in.

We have: The Truth

This card comes with the message, "You cannot be truthful with another person unless you are first truthful and honest with yourself. The truth is not afraid of questions."

As though she is on the battlefield this Wild Goddess, stands at the ready for anything that comes her way. Shield up, spear drawn and now she waits for the fight. She has the power to conquer all that comes in her way. She is the interrogator. Lies and secrets are not welcome in her realm.
When we see this card in our reading it is a reminder that we should be open to hearing the truth. The truth is constant and we should always welcome it in any conversation. We should listen for it and we should speak it. The truth should be delivered with honesty. Truth is not brutal. The purpose of the truth is not to bring someone down, but instead to build them up. The truth is what we should all strive for.
What is happening in your life right now that seems to be hidden in the shadows? Are there discussions happening that are in secret? Is there information missing that makes the picture incomplete? Are you being deceived? The truth just is. And while we must always speak the truth so also must we be willing to hear the truth. Take a step back and listen to what others are saying to you. Sometimes we turn away from things we don't want to hear. Stop. Listen. You need to hear this.

and we have: The Messenger

This card comes with the message, " Make sure that what is being said is what is being heard. The same words and messages can often mean different things to different people."

Life goes on behind her as she sits recording the messages delivered. Her winged helmet represents our logical mind. Her heart decorated with a visual representation of how much emotion impacts how we interpret information. Messages are filtered through all sorts of things before arriving at their destination and sometimes they are not as they originated.
When we see this card in our pull we are reminded that messages can changed based on who is hearing them and even the time they arrive. Even if the exact words are spoken, a simple inflection in the voice can change that message. It is always a good idea to be sure that your words are arriving as they were intended. Havoc can be avoided, feelings saved and successful spell work acquired simply by checking yourself and your delivery of the words that leave your mouth.
What is going on in your life today that could have been avoided or accomplished if the words spoken had arrived in a different way? How about your love life? Are the words you're saying truly reflective of how you feel about those around you? Are you speaking the truth? Channel the power of the Messenger and speak with the clarity of the logical mind and with the full love of the sacred heart. Someone is waiting for that message. It may even be you.

What are these cards telling you about your current situation? What about your future? Now is the time to readjust your sails and get out into the open ocean. Sail the world! You can do it!

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Wishing you much success and happiness for the remainder of 2022.


These cards come from the Wild Goddess Oracle by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber.

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