Shop Changes and Summer Update

Hi Everyone!  Happy Full Moon!

We're sitting right in the middle of the heat of summer.  My mind is drifting to pumpkins and fallen leaves. Soon the days will begin to cool and we'll be wrapped in the arms of old man winter!  I love that time of year.  We still have a few weeks of hot days to deal with but then, we'll welcome hoodies and hot meals.

For my summer updates, I wanted to let you know that I have updated the website to include a few more pages and some shop updates.  As many of you know I had to close my Etsy shop due to their charges. I'm currently working on setting up a small shop here on the website.  You can find my reading offerings already listed, however I plan to add some of my jewelry here as well. So stay tuned for a fall update that will again give you the ability to buy some of my amazing wire creations.

I have removed Linkt.ree from my website after seeing how they impacted my SEO. Instead you can now find a list of all of my social links and content creation links here.  This puts all my links in one location, that I can control and that does not impact my SEO.

I have also updated my page to include an updated about me, a new page with my certifications and removed the web shop due to reports of issues with checkout.  I now have direct PayPal links to purchase ad-hoc readings as well as client consultation packages.

Lastly, I'd like to pull a card for you this morning to move forward through this mid-August day and hopefully provide some insight on where you are right now in this moment.

Kinship - Teamwork, Connection, Sharing, Supporting

Crystal - Carnelian

The image on this card shows a woman with pack roaming the woods under the full moon. She has all manners of creatures by her side. There is diversity in her friendships and each bring to the table a uniqueness that she longs for. She is kin to these beings, they are her team, her group. She is connected to them and their energies. Her robes are highly decorated and her pockets are lined with carnelian. This crystal symbolizes balances the sacral chakra and willpower, growth and awareness. It promotes courage and is often used to overcome abusive energy.

When we see this card we can expect to see like minded people around us. We will have our team come in to join us for the labor at hand. We can expect them to be sharing and supporting us, as we them. Today is a day of togetherness and oneness. Use the energy of this card to welcome your family into your space and enjoy the connection that you have.

This card comes from the Universal Folk Oracle by Anita Inverarity. 

I hope this day finds you well.  



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