Rolling with the Punches

 It has been an amazing few months. So many things have changes.  My profession (mundane) life has begun a new journey. I'm working on a few new prospects for my career and finding that things are not always as they seem.  After renewal of some certifications and putting myself out there, I have landed a better role and looking forward to how it will grow as I move forward.

I've also begun sharing my WFPB journey in a FB Group. My goal here is to share information to those interested on how to work through the struggles of eating out, grocery shopping and answering the questions of those around me as to what WFPB is and how to be successful at it. 

I still struggle with these last 11-15 pounds that just won't drop, but I do want to share with others that I have lost 130 pounds of excess body weight.  With that loss, I also lost my diabetes, my fibromyalgia and all of my prescription drugs. This led me to where I am today with mental clarity, patience and understanding for my fellow earthlings on this planet.

I've also started sharing some of my work from my shop page on TikTok.  I'm working on exploring my creativity in this new venue.  I hope you'll come by and follow me for the random, weird and sometimes cool things that I have going on in my life.

On my magical front, I've been working on Empath Empowerment workshops on my FB page. I'm alternating between readings for clients and offering support for those who experience the sometimes draining effects of dealing with being empathic. I look forward to helping our community learn to ward, protect and guide themselves away from negativity and learn to cope with the influx of emotions that can sometimes come up in our lives.

My next update is that I have had my shop up for about 2 months now. Things are going very well. I have sold out of several of my products and have limited space for new clients.  If you're interested in becoming a client you can click this link to learn about my packages. From ad-hoc or single readings to a committed contract where I make myself available to you for a selected time frame, each one offers my commitment to provide you with the most reliable readings, the best information and the support you need to wade through this murky quagmire that we call life. I would love to work with you, feel free to tap the chat button at the bottom of the page or reach out by purchasing one of my readings.

Overall, life is good. We're rolling with the punches as the world changes around us. I hope that you have an amazing Samhain and if you're up for it, reach out for a reading from an ancestor.  All I need is a photo and your energy to hear the voices of those passed.



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