Daily Draw - Faith

 Card: Faith

Message: "Miraculously, amazingly everything I need always comes. Love is opening me to receive beyond anything I imagine."

The Faith card has amazing imagery of butterflies, hummingbirds, and a lotus flower placed across it. We'll start with the butterfly. This is a symbol seen across many cultures that represents transformation. Wrapping itself in a cocoon, it goes deep within and then when ready emerges as something completely different. It's a symbol of rebirth, resurrection and the ability of the soul to overcome physical limitations.

Next we have the hummingbird. Hummingbirds are associated with joy, freedom, prosperity and good luck. In some cultures just seeing one, due to their wonderful colors represent happiness. They remind us to live in the moment because time can move very quickly. They are also consider a symbol of birth, death, rebirth and growth.

The central image on this card is the lotus flower. The lotus represents purity, rebirth and strength. It is also considered a powerful healing plant. Some believe that it symbolizes Bodhi (being awakened) and represents a state of mental purity, spiritual perfection and transcendence.

Each of these images remind us of the good things that are coming. We are asked to put our faith into what is to come. Be mindful and present because we know that we can only appreciate the joy of life in one moment. We can only enjoy our gifts when we are in the present. Worry about the past, anxiety about the future does not bring joy. Only suffering.

What is happening in your life today that is causing you to question what you believe? Do you have troubles that are creating strife in your life? Look within and trust yourself to guide you in the right direction.

This card is part of the Divine Abundance Oracle Deck by Tosha Silver, Art by Fena Gonzalez. If you're looking for a single reading or creating an ongoing advisory relationship, I do have a few slots available. Learn more at neuse river witch dot com or confessions of a modern witch dot com.
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