Daily Draw - Falling In Love

 Draw - Falling In Love

Message - "The thorns of roses rip open the heart only for they petals to bleed into thy soul.
Key words - Losing Control, Connection, Partnership

This card shows us a snow covered lane lined with pines. Sitting on a white horse, we have a couple in love. Arms intertwined and in faces touching. They are the epitome of love. Our messages is telling us that though sometimes a source of pain, any we feel allows the love to combine more deeply within. To me this could be a mixed message, but lets go with it.

Thinking of our one true love, speaking specifically of romantic love, has their been pain? Of course there has. Perhaps when you're not together. Perhaps when you're having a disagreement. The differences we see within the one we are committed to should allows us to see many facets to their personality. Allowing us to appreciate our differences and perhaps embrace them. It brings us closer to them. It joins us, binds us together in an unbreakable bond that lasts for a lifetime.

What's happening in your life right now that this message is speaking to? Have you started a new relationship? Is your current relationship rocky? Are you having doubts? Remember love is two ways. Simply because you love someone does not mean they will love you back. The most important love is self love. Self protection and self worth are the tools you need to be a happy, successfully adapted individual. Love is the icing on the cake. No one, regardless of their claim of love should make you feel less than, sad, or unworthy. Take some time today to a recount your love. See if it fits the bill of a happy, caring and nurturing relationship.

You are worth it.

This card comes from the Seasons of the Witch Yule Oracle by Lorriane Anderson & Juliet Diaz. Illustrated by Giada Rose. If you're looking for a single reading or creating an ongoing advisory relationship, I do have a few slots available. Learn more at neuse river witch dot com or confessions of a modern witch dot com.
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