Daily Draw - Letting Go

 Draw: Letting Go

Message: "Everything is indeed out of control, and God will hold it all. I can safely let go."

The center of this card has a single figure who, like many other Hindu deities has many forms or avatars. This card shows Vishnu, whose avatars include Rama, Krishna and in some beliefs, the Buddha. He is seated in the lotus position, which is said to have a calming, grounding effect on the body. His hands are in the Bhairava position. Bhairava mudra is considered the ultimate mudra, where individual awareness is unified in the mind and body, both the inward and outward self are one. The other symbolism on the card include, sparrows, leaves, a woman in a worship pose and a lion. The Lion represents royalty, ferocity, majesty, strength, courage and commanding power.

This card is the representation of being present. It is letting go of the worldly worries and concerns that trouble us daily, stopping us from being happy. We worry about the past and the future in the present. Leaving us no time for joy or happiness. There are times when we simply need to sit down and join with the oneness of the universe. Welcome in the calmness of the cosmos, which will allow us to fully enjoy the moment. Be that through mindful active meditation or a dedicated session. We have within us the energies of all those who have passed before us and all those yet to come. Welcome that energy into your day and allow the worries to pass.

When we see this card, we are reminded that we need not take on every task at every moment of the day. Spend some time within ourselves and welcome the energy of oneness into our lives. Open our minds and allow the knowledge of the ancestors to come in and know that we have the power to transcend pain and suffering.

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