Daily Draw - Self-Love

 Card: Self-Love

Message: "Let the wall fall that separates me from my own vulnerable inner child. I long to take care of myself like I never have before."

This card is decorated with a lovely white flowers. The center of the card shows an adult and a child walking hand in hand. As the message indicates this is a relationship between our adult self and our inner child. For years I resisted inner child work. It took a very long time to see what damage I was doing to myself (my inner child) when I allowed things such as negative self talk to run rampant in my brain.

We have to look at the inner child as our inner self. That self that was growing and learning. And sometimes not taken care of. Not nurtured. Sometimes flat out abused. This child, our self, was often told to be seen and not heard. Our voices taken, when we were forced to hug an uncle or an aunt. Our body autonomy betrayed.

Some of us do not see that we continue that cycle laid down by our past with words like, "Sorry, I'm late, I'm so lazy." or "Oh my I forgot, sometimes I'm so stupid." We do not treat ourselves with the same care that we would grant a stranger. We allow others to take advantage of us and then eternalize the treatment as what we deserve.

Our card pull today reminds us that we protect ourselves as though we are a child. We should shield them from harm. Encourage them. Love them. Lift them up. Lift us up. Lift yourself up. We have the power within us to show love and compassion to all. Take some time today and show that love to yourself. There are so many ways to give time to your inner child. Give time to yourself. Take yourself out for a treat. Watch your favorite movie. Play an instrument. BE the parent you needed. Be the teacher you longed for.

This card is part of the Divine Abundance Oracle Deck by Tosha Silver, Art by Fena Gonzalez. If you're looking for a single reading or creating an ongoing advisory relationship, I do have a few slots available. Learn more at neuse river witch dot com or confessions of a modern witch dot com.
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